Deca + ketotifen

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I’ve noticed that since starting deca post workout inflammation seems to subside a lot faster and even at it speak isn’t as debilitating as it used to be for me earlier. My recovery period has improved from btw 5-7 days to ~2 days.

Yes aas do this in general but the effect wasn’t even remotely as noticeable with test and var. did s bit of research in post wo inflammation, which is basically a function of increased production/activation/expression of interferon gamma, tnf-alpha, and il-6. Il-6 is context dependent and will assist anti inflammatory actions when the system is in an anti inflammatory mode. So no worries about that if I can control the first two.

Turns out nandrolone has huge negative effect on interferon gamma activity. That would explain the little bit of magic I’ve been experiencing.

So now I’m thinking about also using ketotifen. Normally used to make clen remain effective for much longer, it’s also a very strong inhibitor of tnf-alpha. I will start dosing at .5 mg x 4 = 2 mg daily and if that doesn’t make me too drowsy up it to 1mg x 4.

It increases appetite but that’s not a bad thing while on deca. Let’s see how it goes.

It should work im not sure if its true but I’ve heard benadryl has the same effects and is alot cheaper but that might be completely false

As a starting point for comparison following a month of ketotifen use

Here’s my current state:
I’m currently at about 235 [email protected]’11", 34" waist, shirt size XL but for loose tank tops xxl, arm size between 16.75 and 17" depending on water retention.

My last two workouts
5 days ago
bench 250lbs 2 sets 10 reps each
85 lbs dbell extension 1x 9
2 days recovery

2 days ago
2 x 6 clean dead hang chins

Still recovering
Expect next wo tomorrow or day after

Consuming ~5000 cals daily - low to moderate fat, 350-400 grams protein

Weekly: 800 mg deca, 100 mg test, 50 mg x 7 proviron, 40 mg x 7 var

I’ve heard that too but I already take 8 Benadryl pills daily, up to 12 on pwo days, otherwise my allergies get out of control, and I end up getting a fever

I would up your test to atleast 250mgs split 2x a wk at 125mgs. Unless your blood work shows that your test levels are atleast at 1000 I would definitely up the test.

Bigmurph you’ve got of tons of experience and give solid advice so I’m always listening to what you have to say but let me give rationale for keeping test so low:

'm keeping it low due to moonface issues that I get only with test once I go above 200mg weekly. Sodium intake manipulation, water intake, none of that worked but keeping test super low works within days.

I understand the low androgen concern but proviron should help with that, right?

4 weeks into deca use now and still haven’t really felt deca dick. Have bromo on hand but zero prolactin or gyno issues despite stopping arimidex use.

I actually wouldn’t mind decreased libido I’m not in a relationship, generally steer clear of them after getting divorced, and don’t want to get distracted by them even for a little bit during next 12-18 months to focus on hitting some key professional and personal goals.

With all this in mind do you still recommend upping the test and if so, why?

The proviron and var increase my libido almost a bit too much.

Everyone is different so if it works for you keep it working you know me just trying to help out brother

Well, I noticed that w/o test I was prone to get hayfever from 12 to 48 hr pwo. W test the hayfever and allergies are 80-90% less significant. So, i did jump back on test while keeping the deca steady. Moon face is back but for now I’m accepting it as part of the bulking phase package.

As feared, Libido is crazy high throughout the day and I ducking hate it. So distracting, almost necessitates having a girlfriend, but I’m trying to stay strong. If this keeps up though I will have to get off the test and live with insane pwo allergies or stay on the test, get a girlfriend which means it will take me twice as many years to accomplish my goals.

You don’t have to get a girlfriend to get some pussy. Girls love just fucking hot muscular guys. It shouldn’t be a problem for you

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