Decapeptyl or also known as triptorelin

So this product is made by ferring pharmaceuticals.
Its original use can be from male chemical castration or for women going through in vitro fertilization. Its extremely dose dependant on what will happen when using.

I about 2yrs ago when I was still doing a pct I came across this compound and did alot of research on it. The forum that I used to frequent has my thread where I got 5 different guys toghther and they all ran different cycles. Then when they went to start pct they used this compound after last pin and discontinued once they started there pct.
This was a really amazing thread because all the members involved posted bloodwork to show how much easier pct is when using the decapeptyl .
Also the 5 members used different srcs some used pharma grade and others used peptides.
The members that did a cookie cutter pct without decapeptyl still didn’t recover to there base levels after the 6wk pct they used. Its expensive but if you really want to have a fast recovery this is the compound for the job. It puts hcg and hmg even to shame if the triptorelin is legitimate pharma grade you will be amazed at how much easier pct is.
The members that used the ferring pharmaceuticals all recovered much faster and kept more gains because of its use.
The peptide products were mixed results. I believe that the ones that it didn’t help the member were either extremely underdosed or were just bunk. Some of the members used peptide triptorelin and were very close to the pharma grade results.
I wouldn’t reccomend using triptorelin from a peptide company unless there verified Here because if you don’t take the correct amount you could actually end up being chemically castrated.
If you don’t know about this product and you run a pct that is going to be hard to recover from wheather its because of using a nor19 or another really harsh compound in your cycle this product can really make a big difference with recovery and keeping more of your gains.
Ive seen it proven to work with blood work to back it up. I would definitely recommend this product to long time users that don’t blast and cruise because as time goes by trying to pct to get your normal levels back is not very easy.

Check it out



Have heard about this recently

I’ve seen it work awhile back with blood work and everything but its used for chemical castration and that scares me from ever using it

I didn’t do Ben notice the post was old when I commented

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That doesn’t matter its a really interesting compound especially since it works but Chemical castration scares me lol

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