Dhb brew help or tips

Anyone have a recipe that doesn’t involve Guaiacol? Most seem to have it and just wandering. Going to try a few brews to see what works best for me but looking for any experience with dhb brew.

So far I’ve only seen 3 or 4 labs be able to brew it without guiacol. I’ve never seen an amateur be able to brew more than 50mg/ml without it, of course that’s just perusing the self brew categories of different boards so I may be wrong but it has a heavy molecular weight and is an extremely fragile compound so keeping it in suspension (I don’t know if that’s the correct term) and keeping it from crashing has proven really difficult without the guiacol for most amateurs. Good luck in your search and if I find something on another board I’ll share it with you


Found recipes for DHB no guaiacol but as suspected, none of them have ever come back to say that it worked or the got it to hold at 75mg or better. Some have come back and said they got it to hold at 50mg but holy hell that’s a lot of pinning for what little DHB does compared to other compounds.

DHB @100mg/mL
1.2% BA
23% BB
Miglyol 840

This just EO:
10%BB (Seen people push this up to 20%)
50% EO
50% Mig840.

BA 2%
BB 20%
Mtc\EO 50-50
Make to hold ur heat for 30 minutes

23% BB and 60% EO with gso

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I don’t know much but I wouldn’t brew over 100mg/ml.
It has a bite and is prone to crashing.

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I will try this recipe first. Seen this somewhere else as well. I will keep updating

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