Dianabol gain and dosage

Dianabol gain and dosage

hello guys I wanted to ask you if I eat a lot and I train well I can keep the earnings of dianabol at least a little strength remains , and is good to take 40 mg?

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Maintain training and have a good diet gains lost should be very minimum. This is why developing good habits before cycle is so important. That way when you get off little changes.


Absolutely brotha, you keep diet and training in check you’ll be golden. Sure you might loose a few pounds of water weight when you cease the Dbol, just remember diet is key


You’ll lose the water weight . You’ll keep most of the lean muscle gains. The water weight gain on dbol can be 30+ pounds. That’s temporary and adds to much of the strength gained. If you keep 5Lbs, that’s a lot of muscle to put on.


Hey bro, 40 mg is on the higher end. You may be happier with a dose closer to 20-25. You’ll still have great gains and likely retain less water. Is this your first experience with dbol?

it’s my first cycle But the force I get vanishes immediately once the cycle is interrupted or remains

I always found less is more with dbol, I personally like 20-30mgs, seems to be my sweet spot.

I agree 100%.

hi guys today i started Dbol cycle
I started take 40 mg
I received dianabol from zphc 10 mg x 100 tabs and danabol from balkan pharmaceutical
I started with the zhpc one.
for now I do not feel weight gain or strength

By your 5th-8th day you’ll really start to notice it, maybe a day sooner, keep an eye out for sides, and good luck with your cycle!

The scale weight will go up very soon.

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hi guys i’m on my 3rd day i haven’t noticed anything yet

How are your workouts?
Just the same no different?

Are you getting nice pumps in the gym?

it seems that workouts improve
it is normal that nothing happens on the third day?

I think your anticipating to much man, clear your mind and just roll with it. Your only on your third day, every one is different, I my self start noticing Dbol about 5-7 days in, all really comes down to how well your liver is processing it. But like I said just ease your mind and just roll with it,.it’ll come,. Also up your carbs.

Yes sir, its totally normal, your perfectly on track, it will probably take a few more days. How long are planning on your cycle, are you taking test, or anything else?

Give it a week.

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40 mg a day for 6 week
Only Dbol cycle

how many kg can gain in 4-5 week with dbol only?

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