Dianabol real or fake?

I am looking at some Dragon Pharma Dianabol through an online source. My only fear is it fake or not. New to purchasing on my own

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Hey bro. Not sure what site you’re currently looking at, so can’t really tell you, but @Steroidify is an authorized seller of Dragon Pharma (which you can verify on Dragon Pharmas site). Click their banner at the very top to browse the site and you can filter by Dragon Pharma on the left side under manufacturers (https://steroidify.com/manufacturers/dragon_pharma/).

Hope that helps. Any questions let me know.

Purchase through a verified sponsor and you will have no issues with dragon pharma products we have a few different ssponsors that carry dragon pharma products.

Dianabol 50mg

You can start here with dragon pharma Dianabol. We have 10mg also.

Find some blue hearts my dude, you won’t regret it

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Ive always loved blue hearts and British dispensary


I’ve gotten fakes, depending on your source.

With British dispensary fakes are just that fakes but when it comes to blue hearts I don’t believe that unless you have a really good connection that you will get original March pharmaceutical. The other brands though from DS,body research, MS,and others are still really good brands.
They are ugl brands but March actually produces body research. If I had a choice I would definitely look for the body research or March pharmaceutical blue hearts

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Any issues ever with confiscation. Also, what’s the turnaround time for U.S. shipping?

I’ll shoot you a pm.

I Have takin Dbol from Pharmacom… it’s good. I can say they are proly the stoutest is have takin so far…

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I’ve ran both hearts (March and body research) and they are legit. As far as dragon being real I’m running them at 60mg now and it’s gtg. Dragon is one of the most faked out there today. Dragon also has set up a way you can verify the product on there site whether the src is a sponsored supplier. I tell lots this all the time… in this game you have to do research.

That’s the truth. Research is definitely required.

Also there’s a site that does analytical lab tests on different labs and they test for potency, contaminations…etc. msg me and I can provide the link to it.

I would love some blue hearts right now

Right… hard to find. But powerful lil shits though.

Hey. I’m wanting to start a test cycle maybe 500 a week. First time with injectablr. What all will I need?

You need a nutrition plan, a fitness plan, a set of goals and a starting blood test for hormones. Then you will be able to start your test


Mic drop lol

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Lots of info on the site mate

You diffinatley need more research and as the others have said bloods, diet plan , training , basically some type of structure

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