Diary of a happy heffa

:raising_hand_woman:t2: Welcome to my logs!
I’m a thirty something female who runs on caffeine and lifting shit. Have a love hate relationship with low weight high rep because I love a good PR. Pushing myself is like a dopamine rush I didn’t know I needed. Food is a necessary evil. Fueling your body is vital to your gains.

I’ll be logging here weekly my eats and weight training as well as any other relative info.
Goals is strong not skinny and just to be happy af.

Thanks for the suggestions, feedback and support UGM community. :muscle:t2:


Looking forward to seeing your progress!! :grin:




Following. Great to see you starting a log.


Love it! Look forward to your updates :grin:


Yes! Love it! Will be following along!

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Nice intro.

Welcome. Will be following as well. Go get em sista!!

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Food is not evil


Are you planning on running anything?

Nice look forward to hearing how it goes :+1:

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Looking forward to seeing those PR’s. Funny story with regard to PR’s. When I first put a PR bell you in the gym it had a big PR on the wall behind it. Some guy on social media posted, “nice, you have a bell to worn us the Puerto Rican’s are coming”. I thought it was extremely funny because I knew he meant it as a joke


Haha you just crack me up

Awesome! Following this log

Excellent logging is a great way to advance your goals. Following sister.

Awesome to have you here. Go kill it!

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This is amazing I look forward to definitely following along. This is a public log you can post privately in the @WFF if you want however if you want to post this way you should.

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How’s training?

Did you get your labs back yet?

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Well. The last few weeks have been shit.
Thankful that things are settling down and this week here will be solid.

May 22-May28
Protein 614
Carb 482
Fat 222
Calories 6,889
Water 70-90 ounces daily
Sleep was solid
Weight 217-220

I started Sermorelin 30 insulin units nightly on May 24th.

Got a PR of 106 swing @ the gym. Stuck to mostly normal routine.

I’ll do my best to keep this running log as suggested.

Starting some supplements this week to lower testosterone will update on that soon.


Great…now I’m going to have to tune in next week for the chilling conclusion. Lol!

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Update on labs.

They’re a mess. :joy:

Testosterone is high / estrogen and progestin too low. Leaving it all unbalanced.
Chose not to do hormone replacement (yet). May circle back thou.
Going to be using some supplements instead - nettle root and s.palmetto to lower the T.

Thyroid not working due to some adrenal issue. So starting a human growth hormone to kick start the adrenal gland into action to then kick the other shit in motion and see some better thyroid numbers.
Starting Sermorelin 30 units daily to try and get all that going. Will adjust 6-10 weeks when I pull labs again.

I can screen shot upload the labs if y’all wanna see.
I’m going to post them anyway in the women’s forum in case other ladies are on the hunt.

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