Diary of a middle aged, fat, broken mans comeback

Diary of a middle aged, fat, broken mans comeback

A little foreground information, this post will be documentation of my attempt at a comeback tour to competitive powerlifting after an almost 5 year retirement due to injury. For those of you who’ve never read in any of my posts here, I was a college athlete (shot put) and when my eligibility was up for that I desperately needed something to fulfill my hunger for competition. Dieting wasn’t my thing, and I had a real hard on for being strong, so I turned to powerlifting. Over 15 years I competed drug free, and with drugs, and equipped, raw with wraps and full raw (no wraps, only knee sleeves). I competed in both 198 and 220 weight classes. In 2015 during meet prep I hurt my left hip and have been unable to either squat or deadlift since (my best lifts mind you).
I’ve been pondering a comeback for a while now, and now that my wife wants to start competing in figure again, it made me even hungrier to get a bar on my back. So, I pulled the trigger and contacted an ortho, my first appointment with them just to get my hip checked out is in 2 weeks… so step number one out of the way. This post will document exactly what is wrong with my broken ass hip, what needs to be done to fix it, any recovery due to what ever needs to be done to fix it, and hopefully flow right into some serious training, followed by meet prep and eventually a full power meet. I know it won’t be a short road, I’m planning on this being a long slow painful process, but when it all comes down to it, if the juice is worth the squeeze, then it was all worth it, and as I’ve stated before, I’m too young to be done, and I was too close to a triple body weight squat @ 220 to think I couldn’t still do it if my hip were healthy.
So here goes, my comeback tour!


Good luck :muscle: can be very interesting log or diary :upside_down_face:

Good luck bro. You may want to look at strongman comps too considering. Its still pressure on the body but gives you more options on movement to achieve the same lifts.


Good luck bro!

I will definitely be watching and reading. Wish you the best brother.

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Awesome man and good luck brotha :muscle: I will definitely be following!

Heck yeah man! Hope this happens for you.

I’ll bet everyone thought I abandoned this post! NOT SO! After spending the last 2 weeks dealing with an L4/L5 issue in my low back, and just generally feeling like a giant pile of crap, my workouts this week are starting to feel like something real. I have no structure to my workouts right now, as the only way I truly know how to train is like a power lifter, training everything in the chain of a squat, bench or deadlift, or to use the conjugate method and train speed days and heavy days… anything else just kind of feels like a “fluff and buff” so that’s what I’ve been calling my workouts for the last 4 years… Anyways, tomorrow is the day, I’m finally going to see an Ortho for my hip. I’ll keep everyone posted, and probably next week start giving more frequent updates


Looking forward to hearing about everything

Well, as we all know, yesterday was the day. I went to the Ortho, hoping to find out my hip issue was something simple yet stupid like piriformis syndrome or even right psoas muscles or even something as easy as FAI… unfortunately I was informed that at the ripe old age of 39 I have Osteo Arthritis in my left hip, the x Ray was nasty looking, when I figure out how to edit photos so you guys and gals won’t see my tiny Irish meat I’ll post the photo of it I took while the doctor and the PA were out of the room. That being said, hip replacement is my only option, and according to the doc it’s just a matter of when I want to do it, based off how well I can tolerate the pain I’m currently in. So it looks like I have a couple decisions to make and get things squared away.

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Too far gone for GH treatment?

Do you know what caused the arthritis at 39yr old?
Did the doctor give you a reason that this occurred?
Im curious about this

I’ll have to do some research on this, I’m not too fond of the idea of having my hip replaced just yet.

The doctor said the heads of my femurs had an abnormal anatomy, a couple bone spurs that shouldn’t have been there, in the x Ray you can really see the one on my right side since that hip is still in decent condition. He assumes the spurs caused an impingement, along with degradation over time. He also mentioned that the cartilage in the hip joint is easily damaged by sheer force… his way of telling me the heavy training and even sports in my younger ages probably played a role too. I’ll post the x Ray here in a little bit

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There’s a lot of studies on GH treatment for this. Its worth a shot and maybe you good find a doc to prescribe it there.

Damn brother that sucks I hate injuries and especially serious ones.
What @TrenGod is saying about hgh is true it did help me but it wasn’t the miracle I had hoped for but honestly alot of my older injuries even cleared up. My arm is much better than it was but my elbow joint is so fucked up.
Hgh is a definite possibility and you can talk to your doctor but I would recommend to bring links to medical studies on hgh healing injuries because very few doctors even know about hgh and the ability to heal. Its also not allowed to be prescribed off label but some doctors still do it at rejuvenation clinics. I would discuss it with him if you can and see what he says. Even my doctor just shut me down when I brought up hgh and my doctor works out also if you catch my drift :sunglasses:.
I would be blown away if they told me that I needed a new hip at 39.
Wish you the best brother

I hope this image worked. My right side is the cleaner looking side, you can see I have the beginnings of a pincer lesion growing off the socket, and the head of my femur has a cam lesion just off the ball, this hip is still fairly healthy, there’s still good space in the joint. The left hip is the nasty looking one, all of the white around the head of my femur is bone spurs and calcification, there is no space in this joint. Neither the doctor or the PA had anything good to say about the condition of my left hip.

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Damn that does look gnarly
Just curious what type of AI did or do you use?

Being a powerlifter that could be the exact reason for sure why this happened.
Ive been looking for stories where an AI draining the water in your joints and estrogen levels from accidentally crashing estrogen might be causing alot of joint issues in alot of lifters.
Just curious any chance this could have happened to you? I know that you said it was originally injured during meet prep. Where you using gear at that time?

Yes, my usual cycle for a meet was 800 mg of test a week split between 2 shots, 400 mg of deca a week to help keep joints happy and anywhere from 50-100 mg anadrol a day for 6 weeks prior to meet. If there were any issues as far as aromatization I would throw in Arimadex @ .25-.5 twice a week depending on how things were going. My biggest dumbass move from my younger days when I was competing was never really having blood work done, I always just tried to listen to how my body felt and would adjust things on the fly… I always tried to keep things simple.

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I don’t believe that it was caused by an AI in this case because even if you were adjusting on the fly arimidex I don’t believe could cause it but I could be wrong because I have just started looking into the effects of using AI’s and crashing estrogen. When used to much I believe that an AI can really be damaging. Im going to do a write up on this once I get all the information together.

Do you believe that you might have crashed your estrogen levels in the past and trained through it?

Were you taking the arimidex 2x a wk every week or when you say that you adjusted on the fly would you have taken large enough doses to crash your estrogen?

Sorry about all the questions I appreciate you answering. I have been looking into this and possibly you might have first hand experience.
Thanks brother

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