Diet and exercise differences. Training on gear vs natural

Diet and exercise differences. Training on gear vs natural

Starting my first cycle this week. 250 mg test Cyp a week is the plan. Wondering if anyone can advise on how your diet and training differs while you’re on vs off? Such as rep ranges, training frequency, caloric intake, etc.

Looking for science based answers as well as good ok anecdotal “this is what works for me”. Love the forum guys. Thanks in advance

Think you need to provide more info. For example what are your goals? Current BW and BF, how long have you been training? Etc

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I can add that. I’m 6’1, 195, 15 percent BF give or take, 27 years old.been lifting on and off for 15 years, most of my lifts are in the novice range poundage wise. Goal is to bulk as much as possible and gain strength.

I’m not necessarily looking for advice specific to me (although I’ll gladly take it) but more just general differences people notice in what’s effective for them when on vs off.

Thank you for responding @Kad1

Just my opinion but the test is to low. That’s almost trt dose and someone 27 who has never used gear your natural test should be pretty high. It would kinda be like replacing 1 for the other. You’d obviously be getting more with the test, but feel it may need to be higher to get good results. For training I see little to no difference because I train my ass off no matter what. I also follow professional regiments so that helps. One thing I feel more after workout the healing is faster on cycles.


Thank you for the reply! I planned to start test low to see how I respond and go higher if needed. You think that I oughta jump right in at a higher dose in your opinion? @woodwalker1889

I wouldn’t go into the 400s or 500s but.maybe bump it up to 300. Like I said that’s my opinion. Most trt doses are around 200 so basically if your healthy at your age you’d produce something similar to around upper 100s to low 200s. So you’d only be slightly above the replacement dose. I’d recommend 300 to feel for it. It’s not much more, but way more than trt. I haven’t needed trt and could be totally wrong just my personal research. I suggest take what I say and research yourself maybe able to teach me something as well.

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What exactly are your goals that you are trying to achieve with this cycle?

Everything that I change while im running a cycle or blast or cruise depends upon my goals because there are so many different directions that you can go.

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Ok so if your goal is to bulk as much as possible and gain mass you need to eat big to get big so Jack up your eating to 6 meals and your training you should switch it up or I have seen that there are alot of popular programs that people are using I personally just plan as I go splitting my muscle groups and on cycle 6 days a week off cycle 4x a week.

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300 sounds good. Thank you

Thanks for the reply big dog! What kind of body part split do you like when you’re on?

I’ve heard some people say they hit every muscle group as many times as possible while they have the increased recovery, and others say they like demolishing one muscle group at a time with a good old fashioned “bro split” because of the extended protein synthesis window.

I personally believe rest is needed when your body tells you it needs it. If you dont feel like you need it then continue to train. When I was hard in cycle I’d train sometimes twice a week 7 days. But I dont believe in overtraining I believe in knowing your body and truly understanding when it needs a break. Like this week I dropped my tren and I definitely can tell so I’m readjusting my training due to it.

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Sounds good. I noticed a lot of really muscular/successful people do a lot of these things by feel

All mind muscle connection

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