Diet and training

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Who in the group would be interested in diet and training? What about contest prep? Would you use a posing coach? We can offer all this we have several members that are great contest prep coaches and posing coaches. Typically I generally help with diet and training I don’t do contest prep but I can help point you in the right direction. @RX

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this is what Im talking about lol

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What’s up brother im on cycle now running 8wks of test prop 100mgs eod npp 100mgs eod and var 60mgs split ed.

I have my macros at
300grams of protein
60grams of fat
Im just not sure where I should be with my carbs im not trying to cut but im not looking for alot of extra unneeded carbs taken in. Im used to being on cycle and just bulking and eating everything I possibly can so I don’t have the experience with trying to control my diet and what my best bet is with my carb intake.
Also im eating from 2000-3000 calories a day.
I do get atleast 250grams of protein but im shooting for 300+ grams a day .
If you can help brother it would be very appreciated

Hey bro send me a sample of your meals
Meal 1: …
Just by looking at it your fats are extremely high and what carbs are you eating?

Im eating on a usual day I start with

Meal 1
4 x-large eggs with pork loin sliced on English muffin
Meal 2
Is chicken in tortillas say around 3/4 lb with hot sauce
Meal 3 is
A wrap either roast beef or turkey not deli sliced I actually cook turkey and beef and slice them add lettuce tomato and some horseradish to the beef and a table spoon mayo to the turkey black pepper on both no salt.
Meal 4
This again will be chicken in tortillas with hot sauce sometimes it will switch to a sandwich with egg salad chicken salad turkey chicken or beef. Lettuce tomato black pepper. A tablespoon of mayo.
Meal 5 is dinner for me its also my last meal it is my one meal that is different every day it can range from meatloaf to meatballs,turkey beef chicken served with potatoes many different ways. Or a pasta dish it could be fish i eat salmon swordfish Mahi mahi tuna fillet not canned. There are so many more options I eat I really can’t list them all.

I switch out to rice one wk pasta next week when im on cycle I eat egg noodles and sometimes real pasta. Beans are also a huge part of my diet. The facts here are I eat alot on cycle. Im interested in my carb intake I try to keep it on the lower end but I love rice pasta and bread and it puts my carbs way up and I would really like to get abs I just don’t know if it will actually happen. I cut down to 183lb thats really lean for me. I have since started my cycle im weighing in at 196 already im only into the second week alot of water but thats good it helps me heal faster. I get plunty of protein the fats might be a little bit high and my carbs are probably also. I just eat so much on cycle I don’t know how to eat to get those abs.
Thanks brother

Help keep the body firm?

I would definitely be interested in contest prep, posing coach etc. My coach passed away 9 days before my contest in March and I have not found a replacement as of yet!!!

Damn that sucks RIP coach.
When do you plan on competing again c4bs

Originally, I was going to do a September and October show, but I lost my focus. I have a couple of lagging areas that I need more time to work on. So now, I am shooting for March 2018.

Go get em girl I know you got it

I will definitely give it my best!

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@calmb4dastorm come on girl jump on up there. Nothing but sir and opportunity lol. Hey so sorry to hear about your coach. We have a member here that’s a prep coach I haven’t seen him on here lately but I’ll reach out to him and see if he’s still taking clients.
As far as lagging parts that’s easy to fix. We need to create a contest prep tab. What you think @Bigmurph?

Im definitely open to a contest prep tab.
I will message you later today

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@PHD if Im getting my act together. Lol. I want to shoot for March. There are several other shows between now and the end of year but I not want to present a package that I am not happy with putting on stage. When I walked off the stage in March I knew I needed to focus on calves, hamstrings and abs. These abs are sutured together so it’s a struggle, i get a tearing feeling when I train them hard. I was told my quads overpower my hams and my calves are chicken sticks. :roll_eyes:

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I like the idea of a contest prep section as an independent forum mostly because there just simply is no cookie cutter approach (there isnt one for any aspect really, though for beginners a general starting point is ok). Each competitor will have a unique approach to contest prep, and some may overlap, while one athlete may have a clue for another. Thus, it ought to have its own unique section. Does that make semse?

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@calmb4dastorm I deff agree I won’t step on stage unless I’m happy. Good thing is you have plenty of time to bring your hams up and calves. Hams and back thickness were a weakness of mine. I train hams and back twice a week and try to hit calves on both ham and quad days. If you ever need any help just let me know. I’ll deff try to help

@Thorsenn I deff agree here. Each person is different and we all respond differently. I think this could be a good information place. I will say this though only listen to your coach don’t take everyone’s advice run any ideas by your coach. Listening to 20 different people can fuck you up bad. That being said I think we can all learn from each other. I have over 10 years competing and have been very successful. So I’d love to help out in any way I can.

So, lets see here. Youre around 196 no abs showing (yet). Your calories are 2000-3000, thats a huge gap, we need to tighten that up.

I’ll guestimate your TDEE to be between 2800 and 3100. To get abs youll need to drop the cals to around 2300-2400 per day with a refeed day of roughly 3000-3100. Now for the fun part: the math.

Lets start with 1.25g of protein per pound of body weight minus 10% to account for fat mass. So, 1.25 x 177 = 222g protein (we might adjust this upwards later)

Next, lets do the fat. 2400 x .25 = 69g of fat. Sounds about right to me.

To ascertain the carbs we need to find out how many calories are accounted for at this point, which are from the protein and the fat. 222x4 (the calories per gram of protein)=888. 69x9 (calories per gram of fat)= 625. And the two sums 888+625=1513. 250-1513=987. 987/4=247

Therefore, Protein is 222g/day
Carbs are 247 per day and fats are 69 per day.

If you want, create a meal plan with those numbers. Forget bread, pasta, tortillas and beans for your carb sources. Deli meats, meatloaf, and hamburgers should also be reduced to near nothing. Its chicken, rice, some green veggies, egg whites (maybe a yolk or two), oats, greek yogurt, whole milk, olive, avocado, coconut oils, peanuts on occassiom, and protein powder (preferably not flavored, just straight up whey isolate) from here on out. Get rid of the mayo for now as well.

1 cup white rice (cooked) is about 45g of carbs.
2 cups of egg whites is between 45 & 54 grams of protein
112g of chicken breast (boneless/skinless) is 22-24g protein

Carbs aren’t necessary at meal 6. Concentrate your carbs around your workout. Eat 50-75% of your carbs 1 hour before training. Since there really isnt an anabolic window, just make sure you get a fair amount of carbs post work out, like pure glucose/dextrose and oats (about 1/4c). Protein should be spaced equivalently throughout the day, but no less than 20g per meal as protein uptake and utilization for muscle is best between 20-40g per meal (the optimum range). Avoid fats in the first, second, fourth and fifth meals. In meals 1, 3. 4 and 5.

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Im actually sitting at 207lbs
My tdee is 2500+ I just did it today actually but thats cutting not maintenance.
My protien I’ve always been around
150g carbs
80g fats
This is what im running now cruising at 250mgs which will be 125mgs starting Monday a wk
Im also running 2iu hgh
I’ve been trimming up and tightening up but still no abs I have only ever ran bulking cycles and my next will be my first cutting cycle. Im going to drop carbs cals and fats just run as high as I can protien with a
Low test primo 800mgs a wk hgh 2-3iu and for 20wks

Hmmm. TDEE only describes an estimation of energy expenditure to get a number that reflects maintenance calories. It doesn’t matter if you are cutting or mass gaining. The number tells you the calories you shoot for to cut or gain. Maybe I mis-read your post…

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