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My maintenance cals were around 3200 but once I put the diet together the cals came down to around 2500 for a cutting set up diet at those macros. I add more protien into the diet but the carbs cals and fats are what the calculator put out.
I add higher protien because I don’t use any powder or supp protien only meat so instead of 200g of meat or other food protien. Then adding 100g of powder protien I take in 250-300g a day.
What do you think do I need to tweak something

It looks good to me. I’m running something very similar myself, and lost 4 lbs in 10 days (also using T5 xtreme by Ironlabs; a free sample, works like an ECA stack or clen on some level). Strength is still staying at a good level thus indicating little if any fat loss, which may in part be due to the stack I am currently running which is test e, deca, and mast e (150-200 test, 100 deca, 200 mast e per week). Great cruise/trt stack if you ask me. It may become my mainstay from here on. Primo is a good replacement for mast e if one likes that better, its just so damned expensive!

I think its a good idea to keep the protein at 300g/day, but reduce the fats to accommodate for the increased protein. 50g of protein is 200 calories. So lets take that from the fats for now. Using the equation 9x=100 we get x=11. So, we subtract 11 from 80 and we get 69g of fat (hey, thats exactly what I wrote above, weird)

Thus, P:300 C: 150 F: 69 (Note: remember 1 tablespoon of oil is 14g of fat, so roughly 5 tablespoons of a liquid fat source is what you will need to meet the fat calories per day)

You definitely know your dieting I really appreciate the feedback. Im a professional when it comes to compounds its just the diet that if I could get right would really make me excell especially while running a cycle.

I plan on starting an eca stack once I get my body clear of decca and my test levels back to normal I will run
12.5mgs of ephedrine hcl
200mgs caffeine
81mg aspirin
I run this for 3wks on 1 wk off
Then I up the dose of ephedrine hcl to 25mg and run 2 more cycles so around 3 months minus 3 wks off.
I have gotten amazing results with cutting using an eca stack.
Im going to run primo really just for the experience I’ve always wanted to try it and see if the hype is real.
I will in the future be using 1testcyp and npp with test and provi in my cycle after the primo cycle. 1testcyp is alot cheaper than primo and gives better results especially with the right diet and training.
Thanks for your help with this im sure I will be asking more questions.
My wife is on the board now she is mrs Bigmurph she doesn’t use any compounds but would love to hear about any diet or training advice you can give her.
Thanks again

I’ve used ECA in the past with pretty good results. As far as diet is concerned, have you experimented with nutrient timing? Also, with a low cal diet, you might consider a refeed every three or four days. I find that every four days, a caloric intake at maintenance cals helps greatly in restoring glycogen, and just keeping me from being grumpy. For me, 2500 cals per day is almost like fasting! And, ja, I’ll have a look at MrsMurphs info and ask a few questions. Slow and steady wins the race :slight_smile:

I definitely agree i actually wrote a forum awhile back now on the whole quick gains or loses being garbage because with quick gains you tend to take 3 steps forward quickly but then just take 2 steps back at the end when if you used slow gains you can take 3 steps forward and maybe move back just a little. Those slow gains are keep able gains. So I definitely agree with that slow and steady always wins.

I haven’t tried nutrient timing i have read an article but I have been thinking about my next step being intermittent fasting. Giving myself an 8hr window to eat and thats it. With fasted cardio in the am I believe that I can get my bf% down to 12-13% which is where I want to get before I start my primo cycle.
I do a heavy day basically where I carb high. I do it on Sunday its my day off so I can pack down alot of food its also my food shopping day so I have plunty to work with. Do you think it helps to do it more frequently than once a week. Your right also I can feel my stomach eating itself sometimes during the day especially at night. Thats the only thing that worries me about intermittent fasting is the long time between my last meal and my first. 16 hrs is a long ass time for me not to eat especially with me hitting the weights after the 8hr window.
Will see how it goes
What is the nutrient timing I’ve read makwa talking about it and using it during his last cycle. He is a nutritional guru.
How does it actually work?

Nutrient timing is one of those things u can have in your bag of tricks that isn’t exactly necessary, but it is helpful in a couple of ways. For me, it is an aspect of self discipline. I find that no effort goes unrewarded, so why not put in some easy effort to give you a 5% gain? Next, is the actual timing of nutrient intake. In the morning upon waking, the body is in a depleted state (remember the lions share of calories is used just to stay alive!), so what does it need? Carbohydrates and protein, and fast. Fats slow nutrient uptake, so don’t use fat at this meal. Meal two is a meal more or less a bridge to meal three. Here, we include a little carbohydrate, a little fat and 1/6 of your daily protein. We need this to function effectively for the next few hours. Meal three we just do our allotted fats and protein and serving of veggies. Meal four for me is preworkout meal. In this meal, I eat around 75% of my daily carbs, the protein source and no fat. The idea here is give the body some fast carbs (white rice) to fuel the training session. What I have noticed, is a greater pump, and killer endurance for high volume training, with drop sets, rest pauses, etc. I can truck through a workout with feeling starved at the end (especially big muscle group focused sessions). Then meal 5 whey protein, pure glucose, and quick oats. Last meal is protein, fats and veggies (I like some greek yogurt for the casein content in this meal too).

The entire plan is to eat for function. First meal is to refeed a depleted body, meals 2 & 3 are for making through the day efficiently, and with no more than is needed to do so. Meal 4 is fuel up for training, meal 5 to replenish, meal 5 to make it through the night while giving the body enough for protein synthesis while sleeping and fats for hormonal health. This is still a theory based mostly on anecdote. But, the literature suggests that protein in the last meal does in fact promote and support muscle growth at rest.

If anything, it is likely to give say a 5% advantage, not much. However, if one takes 3-4 steps with each giving him or her 5% advantage that’s 15-20% in total. Now that will make a difference. Like it is said, the devil is in the details. Shit, gear only gives as much advantage as diet and training (and genetics, that’s a whole other can of worms and a looonnnggg discussion over most of our heads) is utilized by one using gear. So take advantage of the small things, and the sum of those is greater than its parts. Nutrient timing is just one of those steps.

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