Diet Over Drugs

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Lets all take a second to recognize the laziness of people these days. Everyone is so quick to run to their local juicehead vial slinger at their LA Fitness for a couple vials of tren before running to do some research. Sure tren will have you looking better than you did without it however you won’t get the mind blowing results you’re looking for because you stuck in needle in your ass and coughed a little bit.

I was one of these knuckleheads not too long ago. Then I got a good swift kick in the ass and nothing but talks of diet jammed down my throat. Low and behold I started getting the results I was looking for and they were much better than when I was using tren with a mediocre diet and it came without using the pin. Moral of the story: DIET DIET DIET.

Before trying to evaluate whether or not you need steroids to enhance your physique how about seeing if a simple diet modification would get the job done. Odds are it will and can be done. Sure it’s not as easy as the deca or tren but rarely is anything in life that’s worth a dam easily acquired anyway. Eat hard, train hard, grow hard. Then check out the juice. And no don’t be a knucklehead like I was and think you need tren on your second cycle either! There’s levels to this shit but that’s a different conversation!


I think this is what most people forget about. I know someone personally that keeps increasing Tren and Test to overcome the shitty diet and they still arent getting the results they need. If your going to take the risks of roids you need the dedication to everything to optimize it. Diet is my biggest struggle so I eat clean monday thru friday, anything on saturday and semi clean on sunday. I look at it like a job with weekends “off”.


I love this write up so many young guys go straight to tren and its such a harsh compound. I personally have never ran tren because they used to give it to cows before they killed them so they weren’t worried about how harsh it is on the body.
I have always believed that diet and exercise to cut down after a bulk are essential. Not to just jump on a andromix cycle right after your bulk. You can easily cut up with diet.
I have heard so many stories about 20 something guys that there dick won’t work because they messed up there whole endo system. If I was 20 and my dick stopped working I would not be in a good place. The point of me doing this is to get pussy by looking good for the ladies. So guys please before you jump on tren or any nor 19 be prepared and educated about your cycle and decision. Also remember more is almost never better when running these compounds being a minimalist is the way to go.

Good luck and good gains brothers

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I detest the word “diet.” It has such a negative stigma regarding obtaining body image nowadays. People equate it with salads only, sacrificing desserts, etc. With my patrons, we use the phrase nutrition regimen and approach the caloric & macro’ intake with the realization that this is how we will eat forever. Life style change.

I have great success when I treated my eating habits with the same tone as going to work: hate doing it, but we have to deal with it in order to gain something in return. Good looking out for stating that it is like a job :+1: Happily, I do not take weekends off - my body feels horrible on Monday so for me it is 7 days a week, taking football season off.

Well sadly, people today often forget that diet really means “balance” in general. We usually confuse diet with eating less or eating greens in particular will give you the healthy body we all desire.

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Well said. The first fears that are unearthed when a new patron embarks on modifying their nutrition regimen with me is I hate having to give up pizza, chocolate, and hamburgers! And I explain to him/her, moderation is key = if it fits your macros, then you are allowed to incorporate it into your meals, if not, then don’t. I never gave up a food. Why would I subject anyone to make that type of sacrifice? Did we not learn from how diets fail when we binge on the macro that we neglected for all those months?

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I could only agree with you @eternick170, moderation is key! That is why monitoring our daily food intakes is very crucial. It’s not worth monitoring anything if you’re eating only one type of food group or if you’re eating lesser than what is considered to be “balanced”. Glad to have the same idea as you!

Have a good one~

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Gosh, and now with apps like myfitnesspal, it is virtually painless to utilize to keep track for you. This generation doesn’t know how easy they have it… *old man grumble

Maybe “balanced nutrition” might have been a better term than diet because I agree that people automatically associate a sense of negativity to that word. My point was that it requires work to get the physique you want whether you be a bodybuilder or not. If sheer strength is the goal and you want to powerlift than that’s fine too but the nutrition has its place in that as well. It’s definitely far more liberal in that particular area but nonetheless it doesn’t matter how much shit we put in our bodies if we’re not eating a certain way to achieve our goals we’ll never get there. I hate not having pizza I mean I’m full Italian for gods sake but there’s a time and place for it and right now being in a cut I choose to use that as my cheat meal on a high carb day, since I’m doing carb cycling, and then I train a lagging body part on that same day. Like you guys touched on people have a huge misconception that you have to eat ridiculously clean to have a great physique which might apply if you’re going to step on stage but I personally have no desire to do so.

100% agree with you op.
Many people claim that their diet is “on point”
yet they’re floating at 20% bodyfat and looking for advice on a cycle.

diet is key.
People need to study more about nutrition rather than studying all the different compounds.

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How can you lead a healthy diet to improve your body?

On point @Kunt! Healthy lifestyle is always 90% proper nutrition and 10% workout (so they say! :D).

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Aside from calories alone as a form of energy, having a knowledge of protein and the factor it plays in muscular growth is vital. Moreover, comprehending how carbs are distributed through the body for individuals who are marathon runners is a completely different world for those who carb cycle for bulking. Not only is knowledge key, but driven by your body goa, your diet will be different than everyone’s.

Again you’re correct @eternick170. I don’t not disagree with a word you have said but I think attention is being taken away from the point of this post. This is to shed light on some things for the few lucky ones who decided to do research before sticking a needle in their butt. This younger generation, my generation, is all about instant gratification and I’m not exempt from that I wish I would’ve done the research before pumping thousands of dollars worth of oil and peptides into my body and still not achieving even 25% of my goals yet when I focused on the nutrition I got 10x farther than I ever did with the drugs. I took the time to learn how to manipulate my nutrition to do what I was hoping the oils would. This is to bring attention to that aspect and the fact that I now have been waiting months to see an endo to try and assess the damage I’ve done and hope to reverse as much as possible. That is the true nature of this post. I do appreciate your input and you are extremely knowledgeable and can definitely teach me some things because I know I by no means know everything about all of this.

Thanks for the civil words. And I appreciate you @Anonymous1738; rest assured that frank statements against the use of oils has impacts on individuals such as me. I have never injected anything, but I can’t deny the allure in trying. Luckily for me, my nutrition regimen has demonstrated enough evidence where my strength has eclipsed anything that I couldn’t achieve in my youth. The natural method is slow, steady, but assured.

If you use a little substance that you know that you dislike, can it make any difference in your body? @eternick170

Oh it is definitely alluring and has its time and place. I am not against being enhanced by any means and will probably cycle again however my nutritional regimen will be flawless before I make that decision again. Instant gratification doesn’t have its place in the gym. Slow and steady definitely wins the race as far as long term gains and holding onto what you’ve worked so hard for but some individuals like myself do want more out of it however it needs to be done smarter that’s all. I’m all about smarter not harder. If you’re under 25 or haven’t don’t everything you can with your nutritionyou don’t need the boost just yet. And of course brother I have nothing but civil words. The whole point of this and any other site like this is to share information and knowledge so we’re really all on the same team here.

It can make a difference but if you aren’t eating properly or come off properly you’ll lose the majority of it. Do lots and lots of research, post some unidentifiable pics and outline your nutrition and lifting protocols on here and see what people have to say first. Don’t just jump into it. I’m all for cycling but SAFE cycling.

I find that many people put way too much effort into studying different compounds of aas instead of studying nutrition and diet.

Nutrition studies and how it impacts your body, imo, is just as interesting as reading up steroid profiles.
I think people forget that aas is just the icing on the cake. :sleepy:

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