Dinner has arrived see you in an hr lol

I can’t wait to destroy this I was surprised I took the time to take a picture and post lol


I need some more meat soon all the meat and carbs

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Im adding tortillas and some veggies dump hot sauce and 1.5lbs skirt steak gone lol


I’m eating 8oz chicken breast with mixed veggies tonight I’ve had it about 10 nights in a row I’m ready for change.

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I’ve had chicken 2wks straight myself that’s why I was so excited to eat red meat.

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I had a burger the other day for lunch. That and my waffle only real carbs that day

So your at basically no carbs must feel weak or you doing well

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I mean there are carbs just not a whole bunch

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Thats what my prepped meals have looked like except im more broccoli lol

Yeah I usually have broccoli or the California mix of broccoli carrots and cauliflower. Not a fan of this mix but I eat it

It reminds me of jail tray except it has real meat lol

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