Dirtnasty flash deca bulk log

Did you hit your goal for deadlift this week @Dirtnasty

That sucks

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It does I love stims but caffeine isn’t one that o love

Bis and tris today

Cable push downs with soft grips 4x12 85
Smith press Jms 3x8 235 working weight have really seen these getting better and use the sloth machine for easy of keeping better form


4x12 and then to failure barbel curl with 1 minute rest 75
Cross body hammer 4x8 50
3x12 dumbbell preacher 40
4 sets of dips to failure


Did back day today on what will normally be off day.
Tbar wide grip 3x8 3plates and a 25
Bent rows 245 4x8 used to go more upright and try heavier. Felt better closer to almost bent at 90
21’s lat pull down 120. Saw Brandon curry do this with Jon meadows pull more out in front hits lower last great


SeAted rows 3x12 220
Lat pull over 3x10 90s
Finished with db shrugs 110 3 sets failure


I like being closer when I do those rows too. It’s almost like half way up in a deadlift. Not quite half way. We call those Pendly Rows. Great for my upper back

Oh I do pendlay rows from time to time that more upper back explosion though.

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I’m learning. So many different types of ways to work different muscle groups. You guys are pros on here.

Yeah I’m far from pro

Shoulder day
Ohp 4x5 225
Rear delt fly’s 2x12 partials 40’s 2x25 25’s
Behind the head press 115 3x8 first time trying these.
Lateral raises 4x15 30’s
Incline db 4x8 90s really focused on squeeze

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I got to say since moving to smith machine for Jm press my tris ate feeling lit for two days after. I’m hoping to see some improvement on bench this Monday

Leg day
Squats- 405x5 415x5 425x5
Rack pulls from below knees- 475 3x8
Leg press- 7 platesx12, 8 plates x12 then cluster set on second go round with weight
Hip thrust using smith machine 4 plates 4x8
LayInt leg curls 3x15 130
Pwo 20 mg cialis 50/50 tne dbol injectable 400mg caffeine


Missed the gym and o day so my log hasn’t gotten off the best start. Trying to change jobs here and had to do phone interview this morning and show up to current work an hour early

I don’t know how you take in that much caffeine and sleep.

I mean the 400 mg is taken around 9 or 10 in morning I’m i. Bed at 1 am usually. O caffeine after that

I can drink a sweet tea of a morning and have a hard time getting to sleep.

Dude that’s amazing. I think my adrenals are absolutely shot, from years of being on call, trauma surgery, and now night shift I’m pretty sure caffeine will forever have minimal effect on me.


If I want to get jacked and not sleep, I can drink a 12oz. Mountain Dew and be up for two days. I can’t even medicate enough with the ganja to pass out.

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