Dirtnasty time To get M1Ty log

Got 8 weeks left on my test eq cycle finishing last week of a drol take 2 week break then do last five with anavar
Test-750 aweek gear church
Eq- 900 a week srx
Anadrol- 100 day optum
Proviron- 75 day
Aromisin- 12.5 eod generic pharmacy

Monday chest day
3x5- 365 385 405 no spotter
Incline 3x8- 275,315,315
Decline db- 110 3x8
Crab pose- 3x12 30 on cables
Db shoulders- 2x12 80
Lateral raid machine 3x15 110 with second pause at top
Ss incline pronate flys 3x12 lady set till failure 30 and lateral raise till failure 20


I look forward to following brother its a solid cycle I just believe that’s alot of adrol to use definitely a big boy cycle.


Only 5 more days of Abomb’s


That is a lot of Anadrol! Only time I ever used 100 mg in a day was at meets.

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I seem to like and no real negative sides except maybe thrown some wood at work o fe and a while


Shit my bloodpressure would check the fuck out at 100

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Never have blood pressure issues got a resilient body to chemical abuse


I used to think that too then I hit 40 and that shit went right out the window


I’m sure that will happen to me

One week into non cut


You got some cannons boss

Lookin good brother!!!

Excited to follow these last few weeks. Keep it up.

Working on them reaR delts to rea
Lot look big

Your pants look like mine I will have to get a pic up my work pants are about 4 sizes to big

So dogs vet appoint the is taking longer than hoped. Sitting in car waiting for them come out and get her. May have to hit gym directly before work or use today as first off day of week. Too bad gym isn’t 24/7 like it was pre Covid


I want everything to go back to pre covid. Im done with all this nonsense.


It will as soon as elections over


Made a big mistake I the rush when I got home to
Make it to gym. Had dumped 400 mg of caffeine into water bottle to put the powder left in proviron bag into their capsules. I forgot about it and chugged both my pwo with 400 mg and the water with 400 mg have felt like speedy shit and now tired shut today. Look forward to getting off work and going to bed and starting fresh. May even leave work early



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