DiscoStu's Supertotal Training

Haven’t been on the board long but thought I’d jump into a log since I’ll be training for what is called a Super total sometime in October. A super total is a combination of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. My plan is to find a official powerlifting meet to compete in and then test my snatch and clean and jerk the day prior.

I’ll be using 400mg Test C per week (pinning 2x per week) with Anavar at 35mg/day for the first month and possibly more for the final month. The Anavar I inquired about has not arrived yet but I do have the Test on hand so I figured I’d get started this week.

The first 4-5 weeks I’m also going to try to lose a little bit of weight. This way I can grow into the powerlifting meet rather than try to do a weight cut the week of which did not work very well last time I competed. Goal is to get down to 212-215ish (currently 222 down from 230 at the start of June) in the next 4 weeks and then slowly build back up to 220-225 and do the powerlifting meet.

Anyway I’ll be training 6 days a week with four days focused on the lifts I’ll be testing myself on but also two days where I will still be doing cardio and general fitness training.

Today was an off-day. Played a little golf with the wife and am enjoying some down time.

Pinned 200mg of Test C and tomorrow will be training focusing on the Snatch and Squat.


This is going to be really interesting watching you hit your goals plus im interested in how your cycle goes its all about diet brother gotta get that protein in for sure and your going to compete now you really got my attention im going to bookmark and follow


Following. Get after it


Appreciate the interest! I’ve competed in a few Powerlifting meets but trained the Olympic lifts for years prior. A month ago I started messing around with snatches and cleans again and started hitting lifetime PRs which Ive attribited to just getting stronger with powerlifting. So I thought testing all 5 could be a fun challenge!

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Be careful trying to hit those heavy singles Dailey. Train smart, use percentage’s. Don’t try and peak too many times


Got that covered. I have a program written for me designed specifically for Super total. Its a 12 week program that will set me up to peak at the end. Intensity is low at the beginning with higher volume. Generally I’m pretty good at staying disciplined and following programs.


Yeah I start d using pc as warm ups for dead’s as weird as that sounds I go as heavy as I can to rack position then start the actual dead’s I want to get my body back to trying to explode bar off grounds. Highest I got before this almost month of fucking around was 315 with shitty form I never sit under bar I just toss up to chest in. Stand position oly lifteres would give me so much shit

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Even if they’re not the focus of your training I think the Olympic lifts are great for waking the body up and helping you feel more explosive.

315 is impressive regardless of form!

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Yeah when I was 19 playing ball I had a 385 hang clean witby he same shorty form


Dang that’s power right there!

Was always favorite lift was cleans

7/12 (Week 1 Day 1 “Base Week”)

AM Session

Long dynamic warm up followed by 10 sled resisted sprints and some hurdle mobility work

I love doing athletic things like sprints, plyos etc. I also enjoy it a hell of a lot more than cardio so I’m going to include it in my training for while I’m still trying to improve my body comp. However as this lifting program increases in difficulty I may need to take it out to make sure I’m recovering. But for now I feel good doing it.

PM Session

Back Squat - 3x8 (63.5% - 280lbs)
Snatch - 3x3 (73.5% - 165lbs)
3s Pause Front Squat - 3x3 (50% - 220lbs)
Muscle Snatch - 5x2 (67.5% - 155lbs)

This was the first day of this new lifting program and it was a little more difficult than I anticipated but not bad. I’m not used to squatting before my Olympic lifts so that had my legs feeling pretty toasted. I’m also trying to train without a belt or knee sleeves for as long as possible making the relative difficulty of the squats a little higher. Also, I try to save my calories for later in the day since i feel hungriest at night but I’m probably going to need to eat a bit more earlier to make sure I have enough energy for these sessions.

All in all a good day. I also got a bit of good news that my Anavar has been shipped today so I’m going to start incorporating it this week hopefully.

Macros (I track this with an App called Chronometer)

Protein 213g (still have a casein protein shake to drink before bed)
Carbs 235g
Fat 67g
Cals 2563

Trying to hit at or just below 2700 cals\day right now


Good day


I’m going to start by saying I’m absolutely not an expert but this is just an observation and question.

I know oly lifting is technical in nature.

Is there a reason you’re squatting prior to training your oly lifts?


Fair question. I always prefer to do my Olympic lifts first but I’m trying to do them in the sequence that the program has written. I think its because the first phase of this program is focused on hypertrophy that’s just my guess.



Off day from lifting so just some light work to stay in shape and help burn calories for weight loss.

AM Session

Tempo Runs - Run hard for 30s walk for 60s. Repeat for 10 reps.

PM Session

Bodyweight Circuit - Two rounds of :12s ON/ :24s OFF with 12 different exericses (various Push Up variations, bodyweight squats, abs, burpees etc)

Bodyweight - 220lbs (down 2 more since starting this journal)
Calories 2720
Protein 215g
Carbs 261.9g
Fat 68g


Great macros


7/14 (Base Cycle Week 1 Day 2)

Morning bodyweight - 219.5lbs

PM Session (no sprints today)

Clean and Jerk 3x3 (74% - 198lbs)
Pause Deadlift 3x3 (60% - 308lbs)
Bench Press 3x8 (64% - 193lbs)
Spoto Bench Press 3x3 (64% - 193lbs)

Today went well. When I was messing around with the Olympic lifts before starting this program I only ever did singles so sets of three are a bit of an shock initially. I think I am feeling the weight loss a little at this point as well. Usually if I lose 10lbs it doesn’t affect me much but after that first 10 I’ll feel my strength drop.

No Anavar yet, hopefully soon I’m anxious to see how if affects my strength while I’m dropping body fat. After this post I’m pinning my 2nd weekly dose of 200mg Test C.

I’ve attached my macros as well. Pretty much the same as yesterday.


That var should be a nice addition to the testosterone the blood flow and nitrogen retention is great with var.

219 is great dropping 10 is good why do you lose strength are you a low bf% if so just keep hitting it you shouldn’t lose strength while running gear so it seems strange to me I hope that its just your cut stealing energy from you


Yeah I was just feeling a little flat yesterday. I’ll be very interested to see how the Anavar affects things especially since I know it will take time to see noticeable effects to show with the Test C.

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