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Hey UG members we have been working hard on bringing you all new content and new trustworthy sources. @Bigmurph @TrenGod and myself have been trying to bring new content and really grow our community making UG the number one place to come to for information and for trusted “supplements”.
We recently added a new coach @Bigd35 he is very knowledgeable and his training methods are insane. I personally used them for 2 years straight to really change my physique. We also added @QuantumPeptides_seth a new top notch peptide company. Check them out you won’t be disappointed.
I’m also in the process of talking with Brandon curry about maybe updating us on his progress with the camel crew and his Olympia prep. @Bigd35 is also talking to another top pro about joining us and maybe even a top Olympia female athlete and her husband that he helps :muscle:t2::+1:t2: So be on the look out for these new things in the works.
Tell us what other content you guys want to see on here. Have a great week and keep pounding the weights and growing.


Would love to get the guys for a Q&A session. Maybe arrange it for a day. Let people ask them questions on training and such.

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Something we can try to arrange or even set up a Q&A section set up and we can have them respond to those. I will for sure be working on this for you guys.

I really like that idea alot fellas. I really believe that the guys here at ugm would love a q&a section that would be answered by a pro.
Im excited honestly about everything that is going on. I feel that things are really moving forward.
@TrenGod and @PHD you guys are great guys to work with here.
To all the new and old members i really enjoy being a member here and I only hope to learn more and more.

Q & A would definitely benefit the curious. Also, maybe there should be a section that focuses on more pictures/ video for those who would like to personalize their progress for others to see. Having a set of progressive pics would add to the conversation of utilizing a certain diet, or taking a certain peptide, or assessing whether a specific workout routine is benefiting a member.

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