Distal bicep tear almost 1yr out

Distal bicep tear almost 1yr out

I ruptured my bicep almost a year ago now im writing this to let you guys and gals know how important it is not to get injured or you will be like m in an immobalizer cast so I can’t even move my right arm and I was definitely in serious pain. Then after 3 months I was finnally able to move a little went to physical therapy 3x a wk and did stretching it was ridiculous to someone who is used to lifting to just be stretching and other things. I took it seriously though because I new what I put in i would get back out in the end and I really wanted my arm to heal up nicely. Im probably 250lbs in these pics all I did foralmost 5 months was sit and eat

Im doing well though my workout has made great strides from where I was in those pics.
Im on cycle and getting my arm size and strength back I’ve got 18 inch arms my goal is 20 inch solid.
I think by the end of the 90 day contest i should be close. I want my abs back im almost 35 and haven’t had abs since I was 26 but im working hard on it and I will get there if it takes me another year. My problem is im a bulker I hate dieting but got to do what you got to do.

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This is where im at now these were taken on 8/26/16
2wks later i need to put up new pics because I have leaned out and im working on those abs!!

Taken on 9/10 2wks after the pics I submitted to the contest everything is kicking in so gains are going to go wild.

My training for this cycle consists of a 6 day schedule ed I break down which group im going to work. 1. Legs 2. Back 3. Arms (this is tricky I try to do real light on this day because I don’t want to over train my arms there used in almost every exercise) 4. Chest ( my 2nd favorite ) 5. Shoulders ( my favorite )
6. Is core and cardio and really anything else I feel that I want to throw in.
This is the simplest routine there is im going to start posting here and increasing the experience level each time.

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