DMZ only cycle-First time steroid cycle introduction

Have any of you guys ran a DMZ only cycle? Trying to do 20 mg daily for the next 6 weeks. First cycle ever, can’t get test on hand. But I have the proper pct of nolva 40/40/20/20. What do you guys think and what’s your experience with it?

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Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around but there are much better compounds than DMZ to use in a cycle.

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I also made this your introduction so if you want to throw up your stats and such we can get to know you a bit better

I am 22
174 lbs
Very low bodyfat (don’t quite know) 7-8 range

Used 3 SARM cycles perviously.
Rad 10-15 mg daily (made my pee brown first time)

LGD 5 mg +Cardarine 10mg +injectable Sr 25mg daily (no suppression or anything bad)

rad 15 mg daily (went 100% normal with no sides Second time-same vendor and batch too)

Those are all that I’ve done so far. That’s why I thought I could move up and do DMZ. I can’t get a test base and that sucks.


You can’t get testosterone? An AI and PCT?

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I knew that I heard of DMZ brother don’t waste your time the government banned it back in 2006 and its either expired or bunk if you’re going to purchase it stick with AAS compounds.

I can get any ai or pct

I do have nolvadex and wanna run it 40/40/20/20. It’s real DMZ. Lab tested. But yeah it’s weird that they didn’t sell test too.

You can find much better places and better quality products. I reccomend looking around the site and getting comfortable.


Welcome brother!!! Trust @Bigmurph is telling you. We are all here for support and to keep each other safe!! I don’t know if I would trust a place that sells compounds but not Test. Test is the base for all good cycles. That just doesn’t make sense!!!



Can I ask what your diet is. If that is not up to par it’s not going to matter what your taking. You won’t get full results.

First problem with this is 22 years old but I am glad that you made an introduction Before you took any of those cycles what was your starting weight ?
Also give us a real day of what you eat and 1 day of workout routine. What is your goal to be fit pro bodybuilder power lifter It seems you are already hell bent on screwing your body up with crap that won’t work And if you can’t get test ai or pct than your not trying and nolvadex only isn’t a true pct it’s a half ass attempt at it I’m not trying to be an ass and your in the right place for sure if you can’t figure it out from here than this isn’t for you but we will help you with your goals if you really want it



Welcome, you’re young, soak in all the knowledge here! I wish I had something like this 22 years ago when I started using different things, all I had were gym buddies and friends on the football team in college that probably didn’t know much more than I did… we were the blind leading the blind


Yeah I’m very fortunate to have this! I wanna be an ifbb pro

I’m trying to become an IFBB pro. I got the workout down and diet. I’m getting trained by a coach. But I needed help with the cycling. I really don’t wanna run a test base cause I don’t wanna shit down my natural testosterone completely

I’m vegan. But I make sure to eat enough protein

I kmow! The source is a very reputable source. Only good reviews! They even sold real superdrol. My buddy had it and it’s the real deal

What other compounds do you think I could run without a testosterone base? I prefer orals cause I don’t want to inject

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