DNP? Has anyone used it?

What are your feelings. Yes it’s harsh. I know. But also extremely effective. Interested to see if I can experiment with it and take my body to the next level

If you’re wanting to do it then do it lol. You don’t need UGM approval. You have already made your mind up. You know it’s harsh and dangerous but still want to do it! So nobodies opinions or facts will keep you from doing it.

I’m not sure yet. T3/T4 and Clen could also do. Just seeing if anyone else tried it and could share their experience.

One guy did a. Log on itnforget his name. Question. Are you competing?

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Not as a bodybuilder. Played pro baseball and pro muay thai and boxing.

Now I want to achieve different goals. Had an intestinal tear that messed me up and just recovery and packed up more weight as a bigger guy around 6’3-6’4 and couldn’t really workout for months. DNP will be the last resort. I will cut as much fat as I can before it.

First off congrats on achieving pro status that’s definitely not easy in any sport.
Second now that I know a little about background. I’d stay away from dnp and t3. You can lose weight quick just with diet change and cardio. Dnp really is nasty stuff and can be dangerous if you don’t use it properly.
Working hard is no stranger to you so just dig a title deeper and crush that shit.



I know youre tired of hearing about DNP... but

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Use the magnifying glass and type dnp plenty of posts

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