DO NOT BUY- SSE Supreme Sports Enhancement- Ross Erstling Scam

DO NOT BUY- SSE Supreme Sports Enhancement- Ross Erstling Scam

Here something many dont talk about and that is the snake oil scams of OTC Companies. SSE belongs to Ross Erstling which happens to run a semi large facebook community called “The Philosophy of Bodybuilding”. The reality is that it is nothing more the Ross personal fan club pushing his bullshit products. Lets begin about Ross past to understand him a little more. He came around in the days of Jersey Shore and always tried to make himself bigger then he was. He was around online forums for years and getting kicked off many for his bullshit. A quick google search of Ross on google with one forum can be done Google Result of Ross. Ross was constantly being caught lying on ProM so he was eventually banned. Heres a link to Ross tipped a guy $1.75 in change for a delivery becuase his Moms credit card was declined.

Now lets look at SSE and when Ross was called out on his facebook group asking about the science behind his products.

A member notices in the thread that everyone keeps pushing this one product and talks shit about all the other products. Ross then jumps in that they are the sponsor of the facebook group. Now for those that dont know, facebook groups are free. There is nothing to sponsor.

Another user responds that they are fake and its bullshit. This user was banned soon after this but Ross jumps in anyway saying how they are more Anabolic then steroids. Ross tells them to check the science and give the site which is his own site as a source.

Ross is again called out by another member and told to provide a real source like and not his own private page claiming his product is more anabolic then dbol. Ross jumps in and tells them to pick a product and start with that. He is quickly backfired when the source links of the “research” are found to be only on self served private sites, no real publications done and no studies.

At this point Ross doesnt respond again since hes been called out as a fraud and cannot back anything out on his product. He does the only thing he can do and ban this person as he did everyone else questioning him. Ross is a scammer of the worst kind trying to prey on new users selling scam products to people claiming they are stronger then steroids.

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This is an awesome write up. Ross has been a scammer for years. Sadly I admit I bought into his amino acids. After research I found out it’s just junk.

Ross is a fucking idiot. Since day one on forums and only place he could retreat too was his phony ass facebook group.

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that sucks ive never ran into these products but there are so many more out there. I myself have bought a couple of bs type items that had no benefits you live and you learn

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