Does your gym have this?

So if your gym doesn’t have one of these your gym just sucks lol



Damn, my gym sucks! I gotta throw all my darts in my own trash can and hope the kids don’t find them :triumph:


Mine actually does!

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Your gym is bad ass then lol. My home gym doesn’t have one lol so they suck too lol

No lie I walked in and a guy is helping another guy do his shot. Talk about team work lol


My car has one. I can program the thing to identify type of syringe and add it to my mg for the week! All voice activated, a must for getting big. " thank you sir I noticed that was a 23g…testisterone cyp again sir or your Thursday masteron and tren? " no, just vitamin b12_ then it laughs at me. " well then sir, good look in catching @PHD with your…long pause…b12. I hate new gadgets.


Yeah this is common in Europe too. At least all the gyms I use have them.

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That’s the way it should be. Help eachother out. I would have been thankful to have someone let me know that it would take 20 minutes to push my test e through a 28 gauge needle 15 years ago lol. I learned the hard way.

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I was fortunate my best friend taught me a lot to begin with.

It’s definitely more acceptable there lol. @TrenGod definitely wins award for most bad ass gym.

Lol @rnmuscle you’re a trip

Now that’s clutch, and I thought my gym was high speed for having tanning and massage🤣

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Not to totally jump your shit but I hope you’re joking. Order a few sharps containers from healthykin or somewhere and when they are full, close them up and throw them in the trash… ethically and properly.

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They have those in evey public bathroom my way …More so for the opiate problem… Its pretty bad around here lots of dope but i guess nowadays its everywhere. But ya heres the one at my spot…

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I had a trainer a lil while ago that did mine…it took him…well 6 minutes…5 to get me from stop moving around my gym and calm me down…a couple times he made it clear he was pretty good at darts! :rofl: and one minute to finally give me my shot…that record time to my 25 minutes doing it myself! I have what they call jail tattoo scars after ever shot when i do it myself :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I know in Canada if you go to the pharmacy you can ask for one of the yellow disposable biohazard containers. Sadly though my gym doesn’t have any disposable containers.

No danger to my children, needles come off the syringe, empty barrel goes in trash, needles go in discrete storage and end up across the street at the pharmacy where my wife buys her insulin pins.


That’s good. I didn’t mean to get all serious on you, I’ve just seen way too many gnarly things doing inner city residential work and thought the worst.

I just throw mine out the window or gym parking lot. I want the junkies to have a clean syringe :syringe: :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Totally joking don’t jump my shit also lol


You would have been the one to come back and give me shit :grin:

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