Does your trainer look the part or no?

When looking for a trainer make sure they know what they are talking about and that they live the lifestyle not just talk about it. Killer back chest and shoulder workout today. Been experimenting with nutrtion and have gained weight but leaned out. Carbs are well over 600 grams a day now.

I have opened up some slots for UG and we are still giving discount for UG members $150 a month personalized nutrtion plan and workouts and gear guidance if wanted.


Damn brother you need to hit the gym. Do you ever workout lol

You’re a MONSTAR brother looking huge.
That cost is generous UGM thanks you for the discount.
Thanks brother


For what’s put into the whole plan it’s very very generous

I can only imagine.
I know that other clients who slacked still got what they wanted. If they followed the plan they would be a MONSTAR

Well everyone has different goals. Their plans were tailored to what they wanted. I love helping others reach their goals.

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Look good.

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Fkn beast

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This is what I’m doing come May. I want to reach my goals. Best way to do that is surround yourself with the best. Thanks for the discount and for showing us ‘the part’.


Hell yea bro


I’ve been wanting to sign up @PHD finances have been tight… new place, new baby…

On another note it’s funny every guy in the gym who’s done a show is a trainer on instagram🤣


Congrats on new place and new baby bro.

Hahah no doubt I see it all the time. People are idiots they think they can make their clients do what they did and will work lol


Looking good, your proportions are on point.

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welp… I guess I better get my ass off the couch and do some work

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