Donating Blood while on cycle

I have a blood drive in my town on Monday and I want to donate but I just started a cycle last week. Is it ok to give blood? Will they still use it?


Yes it is. And yes they will take it.


Yep do whole blood good free cleanse. Eat big

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Yes … although a standard question is … are you / have you used anabolic steroids in the past year … I donate 3-4 times per year. They are obviously concerned with issues associated with dirty needles (hepatitis) not necessarily anabolics.


Awesome! Thanks guys.

Yes and yes. Some lucky recipient will get a super charges blood transfusion. :wink:


It’s actually good for you I got my card telling me it’s time to donate next week

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Do it

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So I literally just finished giving blood and as I was leaving the nurse told me no lifting weights for 2 days? She said it will fuck my arm up? Anyone had issues lifting next day?

I donated yesterday haha about hit shoulders lol they say next day is fine where I’m at.

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I give it that day and then back at it.

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Sweet! Thanks

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