Dr. Tony Huge enhanced athlete

I discovered his videos on YouTube past few days and find myself very intrigued by some of the ideas he and coach Trevor and guru Ameen bring up - e.g. Using DNP + t3 to drop 1 lbs of fat a day, anadrol & SARM microcycles, spot injecting steroids to create inflammation. Some of his gimmicks are ridiculous but clearly he and his people are getting results.

Wondering if he’s just pushing protocols designed to maximize sales of his products or if he actually has uncovered some crazy useful stuff.


my brother , for me this topic i donot even discuss i have never used. , and would never use dnp or t3. but thats just my opion on it. …to much to loose for to little gain. , let me rephrase that even if it were a huge gain. …i would never use , because of the risks. …way way to dangerouse and possible death.

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Don’t use DNP or T3 or t4 its horrible stuff I don’t know from experience but research stay away from that and slin.
I don’t want to have to make taboo topics.
But if I keep seeing dnp t3 epo slin in the forums we will censor and warn then we will ban im not going to let anyone here die taking that shit.

excellent ,idea.
theres to many ppl that just jump and dont research ,and im sure if they did there homework they would see that it will result in death.

That’s ridiculous and hypocritical. Use of each and every substance that is discussed in this forum can result in disastrous consequences to an individual’s health if not used intelligently following substantial research. Stupid AAS use can cause stroke, myocardial infarction, left ventricular hypertophy, etc. Stupid clomid use can cause blindness. and the list goes on…

the fact is there are numerous studies on pubmed showing that dnp can be used safely. there is even one showing people doing it for 6 months straight, from 1987. Yes, the gap between hitting the ld50 and the effective dose is miniscule but thats the point of doing research and being intelligent about using the compound.

and t3 seems to be incredibly safe, with studies backing up extreme long term use with no issues. In fact from what I’ve read on other forums, given the amount of gear most of the posters on this forum are on at any given moment, the risk of muscle catabolism is incredibly low when using sensible doses like 50mcg/day.

and then several other sites like danger and play openly talk about how aas is only part of the equation and using slin and gh intelligently makes a huge positive difference. And this seems to be validated by comments made by ifbb pros on other sites. Why are we not getting to maxiize our gains using these compounds?

It’s one thing when broscience is used to give recommendations on what to use and how - its annoying as hell to people who are used to making decisions regarding their body based on studies that utilize the experimental method without biased samples that are not n<10 bur still in the grand scheme it is fine, not the end of the world, and usually you get some good pointers on how to use a compound because there’s always stuff that real world users figure out that the researchers never got to investigate.

But it is a whole new level of annoyance when brocscience is being used to determine what can be even discussed. and that too by a select few individuals whose name is not even William Llewyn or Seth Roberts. (not that I would be happy if they instituted a ban on open conversation as well)

This is as infuriating to me as it was for me to hear one of my apartment’s property management staff classify my dog as a pitbull and give me grief about it and ask me to take my dog back to the shelter just based on what he thought =a pitbull looks like (never mind the fact that the shelter staff insisted that she is a hound mix and after I got DNA testing done we confirmed that she was 100% hound mix.)

This whole thing about taboo topics goes entirely against the spirit of this forum. the whole point is to have honest and intelligent discussions. We are not bobbleheads who spend their days wasting away watching “keeping up with teh kardashians” or morons with double digit IQs. Many of us are intelligent responsible people with graduate degrees from top notch shools. Some of us enjoy spending dozens of hours a week researching stuff on pubmed because the content stimulates their knowledge-craving minds. A few of us have even been suspected of having Aspergers’s because of slightly anti-social tendencies, IQ scores that have never gotten below 140, and easily scoring in the 99% percentile on standardized tests their entire life.

Why even have a source for DNP listed on this site if we can’t talk about it?
If frank discussion about these topics is going to be taboo on this site, then I have a hard time seeing how this site is much different from every other site on the web where the mods give approval to certain vendors and basically push their products to forum members non-stop. Sure, maybe all the sources here are actually great and maybe the mods are not abusing their power to get free goodies, but other than than that what else is different about this site?

I am grateful to the mods on this site because I’ve had the opportunity to connect with solid sources as a result of being a member of this community but there needs to be some respect shown towards the members. We are not your children. You don’t have to take any responsibility for our actions. We are rational, responsible adults.

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not everyone is a responsable adult on these boards my friend. , any newbe can google search and see a open discussion about these compounds , and guess what. , slin will kill you and dnp will kill you … in a closed forum and group i would not have no problem.with dnp and slin discussion. …
it has no place in open forum … your welcome to your opion . as i am mine …
trust me ive been in positions and i am in a postion. that my say can save lifes …
you know what im saying how many newbes , jump right on a 19 nor , anadril cycle…

Coach Trevor is a madman, I listen to his opinions a lot more than a guy pushing his own line of sarms. Some good info though if you know what bs to sift through…

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You make a valid point, and after learning a bit about why @Bigmurph felt the way he did, I realize that he did as well.

i went a bit overboard there (was in a really bad mood due to the whole dog situation and let that influence the tone of my response to the previous posts far too much.) my sincerest apologies to everyone.

Certainly we should all continue to share knowledge that’s what’s makes this community wonderful. Still, i get it, it’s a pretty f’ng serious compound. Any discussions regarding such stuff have to be conducted in a very careful manner.

After all we are all here to help each other reach our goals.

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I also went a little to far especially with my tone i don’t want to treat members like that ever. I explained to you in pm why I feel the way I do about those 2 topics. Im glad you came back brother were a family here and I know me and my brother throw hands at each other so our family here will fight every once in awhile.

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Coach Trevor does know quite a bit. I found it very interesting that he said if he could run one compound for the rest if his life without concerns about quality he would run primo.

Found something that might explain why. (Search for hsd-11 b2 on ergolog) Most aas dramatically hinder the conversion of cortisol into cortisone, nandrolone is horrible in this regard test is just a little better 30-40% maybe. But primo is leagues above almost every compound in this regard it hinders the conversion 600-700% less.

In the grand scheme of things as long as there is enough powerful gear cortisol can be overpowered but when cortisol levels are so low it totally explains why in the long run primo is quite amazing for the body despite not being a massively powerful anabolic.

I found that particularly fascinating given my historically ridiculously long post wo recovery time during which I tend to look like a brown Goodyear blimp.

Tony huge and his Sarms theories yeah that’s tough to buy into but still interesting

I have watched these videos on YouTube especially all the ones on primo. I like alot of coach Trevor’s compound stavks and the way he has guys use them im a compound guy I know the science behind everything and know how to stack and dose for maximum results. Diet is my week point. Not so much anymore though I’ve been researching and have learned so much over the last 2yrs.
I can’t wait to run my primo did you see the pictures

Yes i did, while trying to not turn green! Definitely interested in how it works for you especially in terms of post wo recovery and general post wo inflammation management.

hey t
it happens. , ppl have bad moments and bad days. i wont even ,begin to explaine mine (tren knosw. ). but as men we need to respect. and understand. and this is what wilk make ug the best. …much respect my friend. sig.

I can tell you already that post workout recovery is going to be amazing. Primo is like dbol and with all the nitrogen retention. It really helps with recovery and endurance.
As far as inflammation im not sure but when I run it i will be posting pics and keeping a log here and at another board.

That’s why cytadren was used. Bbing has been really , genetics and who will take risks above and beyond. T 3 has it’s place too, in benefit to risk ratio. DNP is a massive carcinogen and I doubt these guys take the real thing. Poison. And think how we feel with a low grade temp and all the inflammation things going on. Some claim they had a 102 temp or higher and couldn’t get off the couch. Increase the temp, increase the BP, HR…this is just what you know already. There’s so much more that Trevor who says he’s 26, can’t find him on any stage, probably not his name. LV enlargement is in most athletes and should be no problem it’s total cardiomegaly that you just drop dead of. I could go on and on with evidenced based stuff but no one will believe because for years docs denied stuff worked. Your right most people can’t read studies and if they are a savant, they surely can’t(exceptions always) explain or teach u . These guys find a niche like Dr huge and mix a little science with opinions. I mean people still refer to rudman in 90 for hgh study. To wide a topic, to go on take what can qualify and leave the rest.

Any drug can be abused. I personally don’t think slin is bad. Yes you need to be educated and know it could kill you. If you’re going to take slin you need to know the protocols for it and educate yourself and know the warning signs. As far as dnp I’ve never used it and I prob never will just because it’s so harsh on the body. I know lots of people that use it and have great results from it. But again know what you’re using before you start and know the dangers. People just need to educate themselves.


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This is where the problem happens though because the younger guys educate themselves from the Internet and not everything they get is accurate or true. They might even get there education from there dealer in the gym who of course says you need to inject a vial a day so he can keep moving product.
I just want to add that pubmed and other medical studies and real ones plus actual experience is where you should do your research.

I believe that everything is safe to a point but there is lines i just won’t cross just like you with the dnp.

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I had a whole semester and that was just the tip of the iceberg , we and others just like some before us need to be honest, there’s a new can of worms! Journals, pubmed, medscape. There’s a ton of agenda you have to get through before you can research something. We don’t get studies labeled what’s better dose of dnp 100 or 250 mg. It’s unethical to do a study at all if you have a poision. Or something not deemed safe. We can’t even study weed until somewhat recently, if you can call those studies. You need to know what’s a sample size that is accurate, just a lot more then most who are just thinking of looking better on the beach. The responsibility, imo, falls in my hands. I have to be honest if I feel it will help. I do it all day with many dxs, tons of people don’t want to change, the rather lose limbs to a somewhat treatable illness than get off the recliner and stop drinking coke and smoking. I might have to say hey your talking about a phenol deemed dangerous in early 1900s, yes it " burn fat" and you will eventually pay with a pound of flesh when you get the real deal and also get a fever from a virus at the same time …feel 103 even, then make your decision. I know I’m dumbing it down but sometimes I have too. I remember the feeling of an I and D of a absess. From bathtub shit. If I really think about it, to find info on suicide aromotase inhibitors or let’s say even letro, I have to look at endocrinology/disease prosesses of cancer and pharmacology of a drug used for breast cancer subclass a certain type of hormone dependent cancer at that. I guess that I try to educate with some laughter too. People who use AAS usually see the results are dissipating and take genetics, hard workouts, and a good plan. Some I’ve seen , just get acne, bloat and a mmoonface, no abs and they go on their spring break and look shitty, never do it again. Think about when you studied esterfication of not steroids but other stuff, or LD 50, or kinetics…hard stuff. I’m 25, I just want to know how to get the 5 dollar trophy, so to speak, I wish I was 25​:joy::joy:

Your experience is just as important as a medical journal. My thing is that you can search the Internet and read the worst advice ever. On the Internet has to be medical journal or study or a person you know for sure knows there stuff.

Your experience is golden information guys like you and phd that have lived the real thing is in my opinion the best information you can get.
Everyone has to just remember that everyone is different though.

You will always be 25 in my book lol

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