Dragon pharma primo 200/ legit? anyone w experience

Have the opportunity to get my hands on some Primobolan 200 made by Dragon Pharma. Has anyone had any experience with this company/product and can attest to the quality?

Also, if stacked with test E 500 mg/wk (Geneza), what is a good dose to run the primo at per week? and how long do you guys typically run it, 8 weeks? 12 weeks?

what results can be expected, if legitimate?

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I have used primo 200mg/ml by dragon I wasn’t impressed they pass there Anabolic lab tests but I prefer bm pharmaceuticals, geneza and others honestly I would get a 100mg/ml because the 200mg has a bite and I use 400-600mgs of good methenolone enanthate I enjoyed inj 100mg ed or 200mg 3x or 2x a wk. I’ve used the 200mg and 2 or 3x a week also putting you at 400-600mg.
I wouldn’t use primo without testing it so you should definitely get roidtest for whatever you order.
You have to remember also almost all makers of primo use EO or mig and gluicol check what the carrier oils are and solvents to make sure that you don’t have a reaction to them its a very low amount of people.

I would recommend bm pharma prominate it was the best and tested like pharma grade perfect tests. There in amps which I also like but it is 100% EO

The testosterone 300-400mg is good dosage you want to run the primo as long as possible 16-20wks you can run it short it will still work don’t believe everything that you read also its not the perfect compound it will knock the hair off your head plus the worst acne ever but the gains are amazing because they all stay you lose nothing.

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Got DP primo a few years back, all fake. Tested as test P. Think you got involved in the for me @Bigmurph. That was a big issue with Naps

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Damn you’ve had some bad times getting primo

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Dragon is the most counterfeit brand in the world they have changed the way there products look so many times in the past 2yrs that there are multiple counterfeit looks

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It’s not easy its the hardest compound on the planet to get real and pure


Buddy of mine just ordered their DP Test Enantat , should he be worried w Test about legitimacy? I think from naps

You’re definitely right about that. I have some real dragon pharm Tren E Amps that are great, useless though because I’ll never run tren again in my life. 3 weeks was long enough to know at 26 it’s just too early.

Pretty sure naps is legit as can be. Plus I don’t think test E is counterfeited much … I could be wrong but it’s just so easy to get the raws.

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i agree. the specialty products are the ones i sometimes have doubts about, but i cant see naps pushing a fake test e…lol


Pretty sure @Bigmurph just made a post about how good naps was to begin with so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. I also believe you can verify DP products they have the codes on them. At least my Amps do and they’re 100% real.

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I wouldn’t worry about things from naps but shit happens and it wouldn’t hurt to use a roidtest. I’ve seen arimidex that was dbol from genshi ive seen a couple of mistakes from geneza and dragon even alpha pharma and oneq have both recalled products.
These are the top labs in the world but shit still and will always happen in the pharmaceutical industry even the fda approved shit kills people all the time and is recalled its just we only really hear about the big ones because of the lawsuit commercials. Its sad that in the licensed community or pharma grade products that there are ever issues but recalls happen daily and I can remember I believe heparin started killing people during surgery and they figured out the Chinese company that made it changed the formula so it was cheaper it just wasn’t the compound that was tested and passed anymore lots of mistakes lol
This is why taking Harm Reduction into our own hands and in the community with blood work, testing ,and real life experience reviews are extremely important.


I test everything now

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I personally will never use naps again. Whether they knew it or not they sold fake gear and wouldn’t do the right thing by me. Never again


Naps didn’t take care of you?

I have had naps take care of me to the point where I received 3 orders because it took forever to arrive but eventually they all did they normally once you show proof that something is wrong replace or refund.
I know someone who ordered 100 rhimobolan they come from the pharmacy. There still fake he proved it with the numbers on the boxes. They refunded im surprised that they didn’t just send you another brand of primo or refund

I remember but I don’t remember the whole story

They 100% did not take cre of me. They insited it was real . I’m sure the thread is still on here somewhere. It was a huge shit show. You and PHD got in a blowout about it. I remember saying for a lousy $200 bottle your willing to lose customers. Well they did

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That was stupid on there part

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Yeah I’d say so. Everyone on here at the time saw that thread and that naps doesn’t stand behind their gear

I had an order in November from Naps and just like you said, it came in 3 different boxes over the course of 3 months, but eventually it all arrived. Customer service was really good, i just had to provide pictures of the box and contents. The only complaint i have on the whole transaction was simply the “time” it took to complete the order, but it was during holiday season as well

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