[Drama] Sara Piana (Sara Heimis] attempting to go after Rich Pianas estate

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The ex-wife who cheated, stole and lied to Rich Piana for a visa is now attempting to go after his estate.

Over the weekend she shared a post calling out Richs girlfriend Chanel as she was at the Olympia parties with the 5% team promoting Richs last idea.

A few days ago a recording of an argument between Rich and Sara was released in an attempt to make Rich look bad.

As this post was made others started looking into google and found a comment online from a user named ice.queen (Saras self given nickname) looking for legal advice online.

As others looked into her the 5% team reportdly upset found truth to the tape in which Rich called Sara a thief ans posted the info an arrest of hers this year at saks.

Needless to say Richs fans are pissed as what they initially thought would happen by Saras first comments when Rich died that she was making a point they were still legally married at the time of his death is true.

They are making calls to report her to ICE and want her deported and also started a change petion on her last night to push as well.

TMZ style shit but nonetheless will see alot of social media backlash and posts in the next few days.

If you haven’t heard the tape in which Rich calls her out as a meth head and steals from him to give to other methheads here it is. Also in the tape is Rich selling Anavar to someone which most people in the industry wouldnt be surprised but people should consider who they talk to or in front of in any case even spouses.

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I thought that this is how we all lived minus the meth and opioids. I mean common work hard play harder right.
I don’t think that just because they were still married she should get the estate but that is the law unless chanel was living with him meaning on her id and his id was the same address for 7yrs. Then its common law marriage and in Florida she has a claim to the estate also.

Theres alot of speculations. Some attys weighed in on it and said she may have rights to what he got while they were married but the will is important and his estate has to fight it.

He was married in Nevada and annulment was rejected since they didnt live there but California.

He did have a will and his mother has access to it.

He left to live with Chanel in Florida right after but that was maybe less then a year?

Either way its clear he should have pushed the divorce in California afterwards. A jury most likely wont give her much given the circumstances and Richs video on her is testimony against her and admissible.

Lol shes on a free advice site asking about questions if she has any rights and on her facebook claims shes a law student in Florida.

thats going to be a touchy one. , she is still the legal.wife …

So Boston Loyd just called her out on fb. She responded. He responded lol.

I guess she is on everyone’s naughty list
She could definitely be handling this alot better.

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