Drcole introduction at ugm

Drcole introduction at ugm

Im 46 on a trt and i pin 210 mg test c 2 times a week and 20iu of hcg 5000 iu ed and adex eo day . Three months into my trt crused on a tren a 100 three days a week .


Welcome to ugmuscle brother I made this your introduction since it was your first post.
Glad to have you around

If im reading this correctly you are using 5000iu of hcg every day?

Your trt is 210mg 2x a week total 420mg a week?
Or actually 105mg 2x a week?

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Welcome to UGM!



Welcome bro

105 mg 2x a week pinned on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and did a 8 week cycle of tren A 100 pinned on Monday, Wednesday, Friday i wanted to keep my dose down on my first tren cycle. I gained 10 lbs kept 5 . But looking forward to my next blast not sure what i want to do. Maybe deca

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Look into npp if you’re going to go with a short cycle or if you’re next is going to be a big bulk the tried and true method is sust decca and drol.
Its an amazing bulk if you control your estrogen and progesterone levels properly. You also have the choice of low dose decca and test add in some proviron and you will get your free testosterone higher and the decca will help especially towards the end of the cycle.

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Thanks ive ssen alot of people talking alot about the npp wasn’t sure about it so its a multi blend ill look into it so srx has it?

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Welcome aboard brotha, pleasure to have you here! If you need anything or have any questions just click my avatar :v:

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Yes sir we carry NPP. Shoot me an email we have a great incentive for first time clients.
[email protected]

Yes @SRx has great NPP, no it’s not a blend if that’s what you’re asking. It’s the short ester of nandrolone, deca is the long ester of nandrolone


Nandrolone deconate is decca long ester
Nandrolone phenylpropionate is npp short ester

I didn’t see your question until now im a little late lol

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