Dropping test levels from 700mg to 200mg during cycle

Dropping test levels from 700mg to 200mg during cycle

Hi guys,

Doing a 16 week cycle. First 8 weeks 700test 500deca a week. Changing to 600 tren 200 test after 8 weeks. Anyone knows how to properly inject to come down from 700 to 200mg test. Jabbing every 3.5 days??

Not much info to go off of here. Do you take an AI? Do you track your levels with bloodwork? Your dropping to high normal levels so you should be ok. You may have a little bit of lag for a week or two but that tren should knock the piss out of you anyways. Your also going from over a gram of gear to under a gram of gear. Seems a bit odd

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Yes 700 test and 500 deca comes to 1.2g a week. But tren is way more potent than deca is. Runned low test high tren cycles before but never for half a cycle. Using 1mg of arimidex a day. And 0.5mg cabaser a week. Just want my test levels to make a stabke drop when switching from 700 to 200mg

It would be nice if you gave a actual intro so people can better help you

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What kind of intro. Like my current stats and history or?. My question is just science based. Wondering if anyone here knows how to get from 700mg of test levels stable. Back to stable bloodlevels from 200mg test. In a cycle u want stable blood levels. If I drop my test 3.5 times from 700 to 200. I want to get my high stable levels back to stable levels on 200mg.

No blood work.

My point was, you post on here for the very first time, brand new,and are asking for help/opinions, you wouldn’t walk up to a random person and say hi, and by the way what do you think about this.


And how would you know for sure about your levels if you don’t get bloodwork?

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It’s like reversed frontloadig. Instead of going to high stable test levels. I want to go down to low stable test levels. Eventually levels will stabelize but without frontloading it takes 4 weeks. So I don’t want 4 weeks of fluctuation levels when dropping it down. It’s not legal here to get blood work when admitting to steroid use

Woke up with a massive headache this morning which is common for me especially after going 12 rounds of sparring yesterday but after reading this post and thread it hurts even more.
Sounds like a bunch of “bro science”.


Frontloading is very common in hospitals since most medicine start working properly when stable levels are reached in the blood. That’s why frontloading steroids makes them work faster then doing regular jabs. Was just wondering if someone has experience with dropping levels mid cycle

Ha ha

Yes you can drop levels its called tapering down.
Lower your dosage strategically over the 4wks you can even switch to prop if you were coming completely off to lower your intake injected down to zero.
It all depends on your estrogen levels and the type of cycle that you are doing.
If you can’t get bloodwork you shouldn’t be running a multiple compound cycle there are too many variables and if you get side effects you will not be able to know whats causing them be very cautious

Welcome to ugmuscle brother you should write an introduction in the introduction category.
Stats background and experience with training information like that


I tried that, but maybe just maybe he will listen to you


Ah. Yeah new to forums never used them. Will make an intro page. Thanks

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Hello. Welcome. What most are asking here for an introduction is height/weight/age. Training years. Type of goals. Power/body. How many cycles under your belt.
This helps a little on knowing how much help to provide. Like ask how to step down or cycle change. A lot here are willing to help. And give you advice. There are some here that have years and what not to do experience. Me. My first ride was 30 years ago. When it was only bro science. So I have a lot of what not to do. :joy:. Don’t feel like people are not going to help, they just need more info on your experience. Once again. Welcome aboard!


What @Bigmurph said! I raise and lower my test constantly throughout the year, tapering helps to keep levels as consistent as possible while changing dosage, rather than just making a drastic change that could potentially throw all your hormones haywire!

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What @JB_rD81 said I tend to raise or lower as well to help bloods stay stable and sides minimum. It all depends on your body though.

Thanks alot. Never tried it before so might give it a go

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