Drying out before hitting stage

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One more day to dry out and tighten up just a tad bit more. Nothing special no diuretics. Sodium is same water is the same. Prob cut it off sometime this evening. Carbs today only 100g. Upper body pump in couple hours. Tan at 5 pm then just wait and relax.


Looking great man, stage ready! How you feeling man?

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I know that your upper legs are amazing but your calves look really good and big!
Upper body looking like a MONSTAR

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Feel really good. Even resting a lot keeping feet up. Hitting gym after next meal for upper body pump.

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Thanks bro. Man I won’t lie I’ve worked my ass off on calves. So I always wanted to prove it’s not just genetics but hard work you can change them lol.

Is the show tonight?


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Cool man you got this shit bro!

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You fucking stud

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The hard work really shows I would wish you luck but I don’t think that you need it. I think that you are going to come out up top.

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I wish you the best. And it looks like you’re going to do just fine.
Looking killer.

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You did the work man…! Always impressed by dedication and hard work. Best of luck.

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Good luck Bro! …Looking solid :muscle:

Damn brotha dried out nicely :ok_hand::muscle:

Good luck bro! Kill it!

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