During these trying times

During these trying times

Ok, the darkness has befallen some of our brethren here, gym closures.
During these times of darkness, we must stay vigilant, we must adapt and overcome.
Let us band together, brothers in iron, and come up with some ideas for lifting at home for those of us that haven’t planned well enough for the apocalypse.


I have a book, the fittest book on Earth, haven’t read it yet, but perusing it, it has some routines that use minimal equipment.

Here ya go. Thank me later.


For days I just can’t make it to my in-laws, ill be doing straight jail house routines, pushups, handstand pushups, pull ups, sit ups ,crunches, squats with my kids on shoulders, dips of the end of the table/couch, I’m thinking I’m just gonna end this cycle, run test @ 250, and try to work on my cardio, as I get older I’m starting to realize that heart health is of upmost importance.


Roll up that mattress for curls, true jailhouse style!


Richard Simmons is a God amongst men.

:joy::rofl: :rainbow:

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Ok, are the 70’s booty shorts a must for this workout?

Kill me now. Cardio… or what ever tgat rainbow warrior is doing… :joy: :rainbow:


I used my commissary and/or books in my pillowcase for those locked up workouts


Haha we filled plastic bags with water for curls.


That’s how we did it where I’m from.


Ha ha yup @Raphael3636 seen dudes do that

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Comm wire rolls and a piece of pipe we found in some old building. Bench made from sand bags. Squat with 5 gallon Jerry cans. Ma Duce shoulder press. I did all that silly shit. :joy:


We had to cancel TWO of our trips already. Cabo and a Houston trip… How fucking shitty is that? I needed the beach so incredibly bad. Worked my ass off to get ripped for it…
Then I caught influenza a and have been in bed for the last 5 days… Had to come off all gear, just trt and hgh for now…


Man that sucks, hopefully once this blows over you can still go!

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yeah, working on getting vouchers/refunds now… like the rest of the world… :expressionless:

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Here’s to you. Hope you feel better!! Too soon? :joy:


Man that’s cold blooded


haha! CRAZY shit is, when I initially was tested for influenza, it came back negative! (que corona hysteria) between my gf and I we have 4 kids living at my house…
SPent the next few days with body aches, fever, waking up drenched in sweat (worst then the tren sweats) … Went back on Monday and tested positive for influenza a…

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