Dutch Pharma Bloodwork Thread

Dutch Pharma Bloodwork Thread

Here we will have you post your labs when using our product. Qualified bloodwork will receive $200 coupon to our site!

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Last pin was Saturday night and bloods pulled Tuesday at noon. Next time I’ll be sure to get uncapped bloods.
Saturday I pinned
450 mg of Megabol 1ml
200 mg of EQ .5ml if 400mg EQ
.5mg Adex

I pinned twice a week. Tues/Sat or Tues/Fri

That was the end of 10 weeks of Megabol and EQ. I switched to .5mg of Adex e3d or e4d after last blood work while using aromasin 12.5mg eod.

I’ve been loving gear so far. Everything has been spot on.

This is 400mg of our Sustanon split into 2 pins. This is a little over 48 hours after the 2nd pin.

This is a cruise/TRT dose of 200mg split into 2 doses. This is right prior to the 2nd pin so roughly 50+ hours.

600mg of our Test P a week here. 6 days of 100mg with 1 day off a week. This is on the day off.

Moving this thread to Blood work and gear testing.

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Perfect. Thank you!

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