📕 Ebook: The SARMs Handbook

:tada: We are very proud to present Steroidify’s second free Ebook: The SARMs Handbook!
Everything you need to know about SARMs, including what SARMs are and how to use them!

:grey_exclamation:The book begins with an explanation about the process of creating SARMs :dna: their role on current trials, to understand in detail why SARMs are still research chemicals and why SARMs are so different.

:grey_exclamation:The book focuses on all current scientific evidence :man:t3:*:microscope: to explain in a simple way their positive effects, their side effects and what doses are safer among other things.

:grey_exclamation:Most of the research of this ebook has been based on the most actual clinical trials :memo: + the experiences of different users.

:grey_exclamation:Everyone can learn everything they need to use SARMs, to do a correct PCT with SARMs or to avoid most of their side effects :100:.

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Good read. I was able to understand most of it. Not too deep on the medical or chemistry jargon. Thanks for sharing!

I’ll definitely check it out. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know anything about them.

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