ECA Stack & diet

ECA Stack & diet

The eca stack
The eca stack in my opinion is a great option to dnp which I believe should only be for advanced users of gear.
The eca stack is great also because if you’re in the states you can just walk into your local pharmacy and get everything you need pharma grade.
First in my state and all states are different I can buy 3g a month which is plunty for an eca stack.
Goto where the cardboard cards are that you have to bring up to the pharmacy to get i prefer primatine but some pharmacies have there own generic brand that works fine and can save you some money.
There are 2 different kinds of ephedrine which is the e in eca there is ephedrine hcl and ephedrine sulphate.
You want the ephedrine hcl in which ever brand you buy.
After getting your ephedrine hcl the next letter in eca is caffeine no-doz is dosed right and is sold usually in the same isle so buy a box of that.
The 3rd letter in eca is the a for asprin just get some 81mg baby asprin to take.

You should start low and raise your dose so first day you want to start in the mourning with 12.5mgs ephedrine hcl 200mgs caffeine and 81mgs aspirin.
If you’re like me and you drink coffee when you wake up skip the caffeine pill.
Then mid day after you eat something take the same amounts of each.
Then after dinner take the same amounts of each.

2nd day if everything went good on the first day up your dose to 25mg of ephedrine hcl stick with 200mgs caffeine and 81mgs aspirin 3x a day

I personally like to run for a month and then take atleast a month off because yes this stack is hard on your heart and I don’t reccomend it for anyone with a heart condition of any kind. Check your bp while taking this stack if its high try lowering your ephedrine hcl to 12.5 and run like that.

You still need to eat while running this stack and make sure you stay extremely hydrated. If you get dizzy spells or anything strange stop taking it.

Thats an eca stack be careful not to take these eca stacks they sell with these other forms of ephedrine alot of these herbs are actually worse then ephedrine hcl but aren’t controlled because idiots that use meth dont but the shit up by the ton. One month on one off and try not to run longterm.

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