Effiective sarms for bodybuilding


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Has anyone gone on sarms and off Aas to see what it is like?

I’ve done a lot of research on SARMS and in my opinion, there is just such a lack of long term use to effect (both good and bad) that I just don’t feel comfortable using them. The same with a lot of peptides as well. SARMS were designed and implemented as a “safer means and alternative” to AAS but most of them just mimic AAS compounds and not very well I have found. I carry the opinion that most people think it’s a safer alternative and or they have chosen SARMS because they are afraid of the needle but there’s just not enough long term evidence to prove it’s any safer in the long run.


Also they were designed as a safer alternative but correct me if I’m wrong none of those were stamped with approval or “passed” by like the fda

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The FDA is a joke

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Come on guys. You think the FDA, who happens to be in bed with most pharmaceutical companies, is going to approve things that either take away the money from prescription drugs or have the potential to actually help keep people healthy? Not happening


I think 98% effect of SARMS its Placebo-Effekt. If you want really muscle gain effect you must think about like testosterone or winstrol cycle…

I hadn’t tried SARMs but I’m thinking about doing it since it has gained a lot of populariy among bodybuilders. It’s a known fact that it will not give the same results as the anabolic steroids but the risks are less too. I’m a begginer bodybuilder so I don’t want to expose my body to danger from the beggining.

I heard that sarms contain the same compounds as anabolic steroids. only in small doses.

A pretty thorough article explaining sarms


Not bad. Not bad. Thanx. Its very useful article.

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