Elite Labs Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I am the founder and owner of Elite Labs. We are a small US Domestic source for both injectables and orals. We are a small team of dedicated individuals with a combined experience of over 10 years. We currently are on Meso RX as well as now UG. We have lab results on a few compounds with all positive reviews. Hope to talk with all of you soon and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Welcome to ugm brother were glad to have solid srcs like you here.

I wanted to thank @elite_labs I’ve used them in the past and the other day I saw they came here to ugm. I decided to place a small order to get a couple of items i needed because the prices were good and now that there verified here i felt comfortable.

Thanks elite the shipping time was incredible. Packaging was perfect I hope that I will be able to order more in the future Im extremely happy can’t wait to run the gear.

Sorry the pic is upside down

I will be running the mast prop soon so I will get back about quality. Im running another lab now so I will compare the two.
Im running alpha pharma so what im using now has been great i used more than I planned so needed 2 more vials to finish off the cycle. I planned on running 400mgs a wk but upped it to 600mgs and I’ve made incredibly hard gains. @elite_labs said he could get it to me quick and he wasn’t lying i made donation then it arrived. I will let you know @ghera how the mast turns out.

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