End of Second Cycle Updates

So updates on my lifting and life. Finally graduated from Med School so I got that solid MD behind my name. Decided to do a year of research for my home institution department, which will be paid. Finally gonna be getting a pay check instead of applying for student loans.

Finished my second cycle which was 16 weeks total

600 Test Weeks 1-16
300 NPP Weeks 1-12

Dbol 25mg Weeks 1-4
Anavar 50mg Weeks 13-16

I also took arimidex 0.5mg 2x a week

Cycle finished about a month ago and I didn’t update the forum because school was getting crazy and I was traveling to visit family.

Still got my workouts in though so felt good.

My goal this cycle wasn’t too get too much bigger. I’ve always been happy with my size overall. Really wanted to continue putting more and more weight on the bar.

At the end of my cycle I decided to max out on my big 3 lifts (squat, DL, and Bench).

Bench Max 305 (probably could have hit 315 if I had better prepped that day)
Squat 420
Deadlift 475 (probably could have hit 485 or even 495 if I didn’t freak out about my legs spasming lol)

Still feel great and maintaining at this point. The cycle overall felt great as well, there was no appreciable negative effects.

I also decided to cruise for the time being. Since both of my pre-cycle (first and second cycle) labs showed that I had low T I decided that I would go ahead and cruise at about 200mg Test (pinning 100mg 2x a week).

I’ll readjust my dosing after I get bloods next week.

Overall thanks everyone for their knowledge and help. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences so far in this journey.

Also looking at starting a new cycle in August which would be about 16 weeks after this last cycle. Any tips for a third cycle would be much appreciated!!!


Awesome brother! Glad to hear and thanks for the update!

Congrats on that MD! that’s big news!


Thanks man!!! Lifetime goal is to make sure those ortho bros don’t outlift me lol


Haha that’s the same for all of us brother!

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Congratulations thats big!

Are your goals new? Push more weight? Stronger?


You have kids or plan for kids?

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@Poppy for me at this point I just wanna be able to push more weight, trying to eventually get to a 700lb deadlift, which I figure will take about 2-3 more years of consistent training. Also trying to maintain my weight if not cut up. Diet has always been my weakness, but getting more and more disciplined.

@TBU no kids currently and the wife and I want to wait a bit longer before we start trying again. Do plan on having kids though at some point. I do have HcG on hand, which I’ve read is good to use at 250iu 2x a week to get the boys swimming.


Best either to do 250iu E3D or 100iu ED according to my TRT doc (and my previous TRT doc). Keeps the boys plump and pumping throughout.


Congrats on become a doctor. Remember to listen to your patients! Try to always be on time to your appt. lol damn docs are always late.
I’d 500 2x per week on the HCG


Outfuckinstanding job on becoming a doc, I know it wasn’t easy…tips for a third cycle, what’s off limits as to what compounds you’d use??


Slow n steady is the key to injury free success

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Wooo awesome news

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If u cruise it will eventually shut you down and that’s another whole issue. You can always go and have some swimmers put on ice so if you do or when you do have kids you got some active swimmers. :wink:


@futureICUdoc thats a good word from @TBU hcg won’t fix it nor keep you active forever. Definitely something to think about.

Your test will probably come up not being so stressed from med school. A cruise probably not the best option for your, 19nors either while we’re talking about it.

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@TBU gave very good advice. At this stage in your life it might not be a bad idea either way as I’m sure you’re youngish, have a big career in front of you, you like being enhanced, decision about kids is a big one and hedging your bet with frozen baby batter is a good idea.

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Congrats man that’s awesome!

@John I’m actually pretty open to trying anything at least once or twice. I’ve definitely thought about the possibility of tren but per a lot of the advice I’ve seen, it may not be a good choice for a third cycle.

I’m definitely thinking of doing superdrol instead of dbol next cycle though.

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I like the feel of dbol but try s look off sd better


Congratulations! Now you have change your name!

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This is true the time is now the further is here

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