Eroids, Sources and Scams

Given the EuroKing Gear scam bullshit we found out yesterday, decided to post up the top eroids sources and break down a list soon of which are connected. I know a few of these are verified sources here as well, and would like to hear input from members on which they have used and experiences with them. As was reported by another member Eroids was quick to delete any information on their forum regarding EuroKing. Everyone is pretty much aware that Eroids is selective and other places call them out as shit as well. So this will be the Eroids bullshit thread.



I have ordered from raw power twice and both times i was happy and received product within 4 days. All the others i cant vouch for. I tend to stick with the good one until something happens to them or they close down.

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Ok. Yeah I’ve heard good things about them before but no personal experience.

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So I can guarantee solid gear from multiple sources on that list. I can also guarantee that is some garbage gear and they are ranked high at srcs are watched but its only until the src gets behind 2 months on pacs that they get put on hiatus then they become a confirmed scam.
As tren said some of the srcs on that list are verified by me personally here at such as and rp4u is a great src but recently things have had to change for a couple of srcs.
I can’t say much more than that. Every forum or even might have to deal with a scam src all forums try hard but some ignore signs until its way past when something should have been done.
I watched something this year that blew me away. the #1 src almost all around just ended there are still right now people trying to get there gear and I have seen a verified test that showed a vial of sp test to be only oil.
I believe that they are trying to clean up there name but they seem to have lost everything. There was a bust around 300kg+ of raws and alot more this was rumored to belong to them. Then everything fell apart so it seems like it.
I recommend everyone do there research on a src. If anyone ever questions a src pm me ask i will let you know there standing and quality of gear.

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Just started rp4u tren ace and test a week ago. Ill update in a few weeks with how its going.

Let us know I’ve known rp4u to be a top-notch src if you speak with him ask if he would be interested in verification at we would always like more solid srcs to be verified.

This. I’ve heard from multiple people they are good to go. Would be a good addition if treating people and members right.

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Will do. Ill see what i can do. I know he dont care about reviews and votes to be on top. He would rather stay off the radar . Ill give him a shout and see what he says.

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After the last scammer that was hitting source sites urls I think he stayed offline for awhile? That’s what I heard tho I never checked. I think he has enough steady clients that he could effectively go private and be ok.

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I’ve ordered from several and did not get scammed.

OSgear, just boner pills
pharmacy store, more boner pills, and some accutane
naps, boner pills and antibiotics
Kingofhearts is my current preferred source, got multiple bloodwork done on the test E.

RP4U, had a pack mislabeled and a quick reship. Had some test that had particles of what I believe to be filter media floating in it. very small, but visible when magnified. This was years ago, bet they have it worked out.

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i always like roidbazarr. i know os and roid are affiliated. but the rep from rb is differnt and gentelman. …i dealt with him for months getting his store right. …and. had many talks i respect roid bazarre now the rep of os. … a rock has a better personality. lol. but true. and king was ok. also and raw is always great. i know them all.

lol i always go to warn myself no source talk. i cant get use to this …

Took the names off… thought it was ok

Quit spamming this all over

Didn’t know I was… new to ugm and trying to figure it out

Ive never used them but there ranked high on another board that I believe is a legit ranking system and yes im talking about eroids.
I don’t believe that other forums have legitimate rankings but I have faith in eroids process but I would say do your research and read the reviews from members that are respected and know there stuff.
I could name a few but I don’t believe that I should name drop.
If you’re a member there just like I am you should know who the real members are.

Fuck eroids, an unfair forum
I always prefer roid Because just-in-time delivery, cheap prices, they are honest and gentlemen.

I love u roid

How bout an intro to the board bro

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