European Domestic Vendors

Hi guys, I’ve ordered to the U.S. before successfully (with help from the community here)

I recently moved to Spain-but I’m lost on the shipping implications and vendors.

It seems intlt vendors charge twice (for getting it to the EU warehouse then to the country). Is international shipping safe? should I get a ups mailbox to receive the packages?

Any tips would be appreciated

it generally safe within the EU. Go with SymBiotecLab. I use them in Italy and always safe and g2g

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CrazySteroids has injectable oils in euro domestic.

Just wrote them, sent them my address and order neatly. Then asked about stealth (inspired by seeing your post) and quickly got rejected. It seemed strange they did that after getting my address:

“Unfortunately we don’t do stealth products and we must to decline your order. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

I asked shortly after to send the order without stealth and got no answer.

Hopefully the admin will see my account and realize I’m a legit customer

Sent you an email since the website is down on my end saying, “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”

To symbiotic?

Give it 24 hours as people all have lives. But usually I get replies during the day multiple times.

Got your email bro

Website will be fixed soon

I never got an explanation or any type of response after sent my address to SymBiotecLab. I’d still be willing to try if I get an answer. Until then I’d tread carefully with this vendor

I’ve used them must be 15-20 times in almost 2 years in 3 different countries. Always good to go and some of the best gear I’ve ever ran in my life. And I’ve been in this game for about 10 years now. Never fucked me over, they ship even before they receive my CIM. Others can vouch for the same experience. They’ve recently moved operations so maybe they are busy and don’t want new clients at the moment. I have a lot of faith in SBL.