Every 3rd day or twice per week?

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As some of you already may know, I’m starting a cycle @Omni Test Cyp 500mg per week split and Dbol this week (tomorrow) just was looking for some last minute input on this topic.

If i start on Monday (the 4th) as my first injection, and pin every 3rd day, I will pin my 10th on the 31st of Dec.

Where as if I just pin 2× per week on lets say Monday & Thursday I will have only done 8 and the 9th coming on the 1st of January and the 10th not coming until the 4th.

What are your opinions on this am I wasting by going every 3rd day or am I gaining an advantage. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated brothers.

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The more frequent the injections the more stable blood levels will be,but with long ester 2 times a week won’t hurt ahs will be easier to keep track.


Much easier to track using mon am and Thursday pm. Just stick to that. More frequent injections are better but e3d vs e3.5d won’t be hardly noticeable.


Thanks @Fitraver & @swoldier. I didnt think it would make that big of a difference. I just don’t want to cheat myself in any way bc I’m hoping to maximize the benefits and potential of this cycle to use as a gauge going forward.

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