Everyone is a "coach" nowadays. The latest in Pro Bodybuilding scams

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Seems everyone is hyping themselves off on instagram as a bodybuilding “coach”. They are using their names to attract fans that would otherwise not send them money. With the promise of working with them directly.

So it happens. People want to work with so and so pro, and they pay $300+ for a “custom” routine. What they really get is a cookie cutter routine and helped by a lower worker. A “team” member who otherwise no one would go with. Lets say you are coached by Sadik or Kai, both of which are actively pushing themselves as bodybuilding trainers online right now (disclaimer- love Kai as a bodybuilder and person but people have and will always take advantage of him. Sadik, I could give a rats ass about since he lies all the time and is a sellout- Blocked me on IG btw lol).

Each of them wants people to train with them and then you are really dealing with Sadiks granny or someone knows about. Answering your questions to a cookie cutter routine. Just so you can say “Sadik is training me”… no hes not… its just a scam for beginners.

Hell even well known people pushing training such as Matt Porter, have been known to fuck people up in training. Imagine what an unkown, “team” member of these other guys could do.


Love this post I’ve seen this online nowadays i just can’t believe that people spend alot of money.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently regarding a similar topic haha (The whole Shredz drama)

Everybody on instagram seems to be such a visionary with the “aspire to inspire” attitude…haha it cracks me up a bit

As much as I love that people are becoming more and more active and are looking for ways to workout and better themselves, i think some people are just a bit TOO naive.

Love this - It’s the truth of instagram. You can edit photos to really make yourself pop out, and show that you are a true bodybuilder/workout leader. haha

Unfortunately, it is easy to take advantage of individuals who have exhausted numerous methods of bodybuilding only to conclude with little to no results.

It seems that monetary gain plays a key factor . IG is so picture driven, only makes sense that individuals jump on board paying a lucrative amount to look attractive.

Sadly theres so many bodybuilders out there broke as fuck. But on IG they want to appear they are living the lifestyle. BigA at Professional Muscle owns a company selling synthol to bodybuilders. He said it’s embarrassing to see grown men have their credit cards declined all the time and still ordering the stuff in an attempt to compete.

So many live with their parents still and can’t pay bills but hey they can call themselves pros. Really sad in a way.

I definitely agree i wish they could find I would be more than happy to help out anyone for free

Fortunately, I have recommended coming to this site just for the community to grow, share insight, as well as for others to benefit in their training no matter which body image they are progressing towards.

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I would really like the community to grow im on other boards but this board is my favorite because we will not allow bashing for asking questions. Were all here to help not to troll or bash.

Thought it would be interesting to update: I now am commissioned from others who have experienced my progress in weight loss and body image. I do not post anything on IG, but now, as directed from others, they argue that I should highly consider it. What do you guys think?

Are you posting to get paid because if thats the reason then hell yeah. I was actually thinking about starting to make videos for YouTube and posting on social media offering my services as a trainer or coach. I can easily give someone a plan to reach there goals the worst part is i would help them here for free. Lol
Im really considering it though could always use extra money and I can easily guide someone through a diet or training.

I definitely think that you should make sure that you give a shout out to your boys at when you post

Oh definitely. The trifecta of online content should direct traffic from your site to YT to social media to your site with different combinations of ebb and flowing. This way you would pick up individuals who only hang in one aspect of the web. Plus, @Bigmurph I am assured that you already have a demand for individuals who request your knowledge, so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking to recruit individuals.

Aside from making extra cash, it would also prove to be beneficial for promotional push. Oh, and there is also the ad revenue as well. I definitely do find time to big up UGMuscle any chance I get!

When you get set up i would like to have you here at as a verified trainer. We can talk more privately about that and how its done i will send you a pm.

I would be honored. I sent you a PM. Let’s continue there.

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