Exploding arm pumps, strength, and rep ranges

What’s up guys, what’s everyone’s favorite arm work outs? Biceps, triceps, and shoulders. And what rep range builds the biggest arms? What rep range builds strength for arms and how does it apply to other aspects of your lifts? (Bench, deadlift, etc.)

I’m pretty sure the more reps is size and like 5-7 reps is for strength. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

If say grip strength is more important for deadlift/ bench

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Grip more important for dead’s also strength don’t go ave 6 I say on compound movements I kind of do hybrid training

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I have learned that lighter weights more reps work your primary muscle til it fails then if the weights are light enough when you secondary muscles or stabilizer muscle kick in they can move the weights also. Then your arms will show more size. So when I do this work out I use 25 pound dumbbells and sit on the adjustable bench one click away from 90 degrees. Keep my back tight against the bench from moving. Do 15 hammer curls both arms simultaneously then put a twist at the top 15 both arms simultaneously. Then I grab 20 pound dumbbells right away. Maybe 20 seconds rest. Then do 20 hammer curls alternating arms 10 each. Then 20 adding a twist at the end alternating again.
This is one set. 70 reps total. Your arms will thank you. I do this once a week. While I do other arm work
Outs other days.

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