Facebook admits to giving other tech firms access to private messages

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What is FaceBook? :wink:

I heard that there is even more to this and that they were allowing companies that they favored full access to all users data and analytics for a price while not allowing other companies that they didn’t favor minimum access for the same price.

Is this true or is this just bs propaganda by the media.

Facebook has really been under attack this year im not sure who they pissed off but they have taken a beating. The fact is though that multiple other companies do the same thing and some are worse than Facebook and no one is attacking them.

What did Facebook do or who did Facebook piss off?

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I think they are a huge platform that got nailed and are now under a microscope. Once you get caught with your hands in the cookie jar you get extra attention.

Fuck a Facebook. I got rid of that shit years ago and you know what? It felt like 1776!!

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Same. Ditched FB a few years back and in a shocking turn of events…life went on and I don’t miss it a bit.

In fairness I never really offered much to the “FB community” and finally decided I spent way too much time on it. About 2 years later all the info selling shit came out. Technology is killing us with convenience.

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I get adds for steroid test kits and bloodwork companies on my fucking Facebook feed. I never used my facebook to search anything related. I stopped using facebook for that reason.

Congress had the CEO Zucker fuck in the house and they tore him limb from limb

Did they catch him lying?

I wonder if he told the nsa to f off and now he is paying the price lol

The NSA doesn’t need FB…they already know everything!

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That’s the truth lol