Fake facebpok girls

had some fun with a fake facebook friend.


I want to have some fun how do I get into a chat like that with chicks. I don’t know anything about social media

Did you ever get to see her lol

Never did get naked pics, but they would just be fake pics any way.

These are ussualy just guys trying to get info on you, spam your facebook freinds with oakley ads, or try to blackmail a guy with threats to post his sex chat online for all to see.

Oh shit
Thats why I stay away from those sites to much information being gathered by them and also the crazy stuff like this.
I think its so funny that you are saying that and he or she just keeps going through the script lol

my son was telling me they are bots.

I’ve heard of that before. I heard something about Facebook bots starting to go off and do there own things that there not supposed to do from what they have learned.
Terminator is coming lol

Hahaha this post truly shows me your ages… you guys make me feel young.

Burrr, I just noticed your user Id after this entire time. Same one from Meso?

yep, thats me.

Oh okay, just asking. Been seeing you around on most of the posts I follow.

Are you trying to say that im old lol

i think he is saying that we are both old.

ive got several more months before i hit 50

You make me feel young thanks burr. Lol

You look great for your age the picture I saw of you the other day you know where you looked great i wouldn’t have thought that you were much older than me from the pic

cat themed underwear knocks off a couple years.

Purrrrr lol hell yeah

Hahahaha this is funny. I had a chick messenge me and was saying she wanted to fuck me bla bla and I was like this has to be a dude. Well she sent videos of herself squirting and getting off on a comb lol :joy::joy: she rode the hell out of that handle. She’s like do u want to fuck. I’m thinking fuck no I don’t want to fuck you lol. Social media lol

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Hahahaha maybe just a bit :joy::joy:

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It’s all computerized

I was hoping there was real person on the other end… no such luck
pretty good bot technology.

LMAO that’s awesome

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