Fat guy diet help/advice

45 years old
350 pounds

I guess I’m wondering with my age and metabolism how many clean meals am I looking at a day. I pretty much know what to eat, I’m wondering about how often.

Breakfast is a cup of oatmeal, a banana, and a couple eggs

Then I’m eating steak, chicken, fish with green veggies/fibrous carbohydrates and either some brown rice or quinoa, season to taste, 3-4 times a day when I get hungry

Right now my workouts are in the pool 2 x a day for 30-40 minutes each. I’m nursing a couple joint issues and this is really the only thing I’m able to do

Normally I’m running my trt @200mg a week but due to financial reasons I’m not able to.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Gonna used this thread as a log to document/ keep track of my progress


Do you know your actual bf%?

Honestly you need a really clean diet that doesn’t mean that you need to starve yourself but your definitely going to need to be in a deficit.
Figure out your BMI and what your daily intake should be once you have the numbers then you just need to put together a diet plan that fits your lifestyle and you have to push hard in the gym especially cardio. Lifting is definitely important but concentrate on getting moving.

I missed the joint issues so the pool is great and if you can add in walking at a park and walk only on the grass so you don’t hurt your joints.


Would slowly reduce calories. Figure out maintenance then drop 500. Off once you stagnate drop 200 off and continue till goal.

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I see you said financial issues. So that kinda leaves out hiring a coach.
But from when I was loosing weight my trainer had me only eating rice for lunch not in the afternoon or past 3 pm. But the food you listed seems good. I weigh all my food and did 5 or six meals a day. 5 to 8 oz of protein and then 5 oz of veggies. And when I did eat rice it was one cup. Same as breakfast one cup of oatmeal.
That was me and i am by no means saying I know anything other than what I paid someone to tell me to eat. Was losing about a pound a day for 45 days. And then after losing 36 pounds give or take. I started back at my old habits.
It is not as easy when you have done something for so long to just change it one day. But it can be done you just have to do it.

I was in the 500/700 Calories per day.

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Weighing food is clutch as well I also try and limit
Carbs to breakfast and lunch around my training. Cause if I eat carbs at night well I may just keep eating carbs the rest of the night. Going to try and keep that principle even with slight bulk coming.


I don’t even wanna talk about bf% brother… lol

John Parrillo put me on a plan back in like 2000 and the weight just fell off. He said the green veggies weren’t gonna be a problem and that I should eat as much as needed at each sitting so I’d have that full feeling. Lean protein was @ 1.5 grams per pound of lean muscle mass. Honestly, I’m at probably 35% bf right now which would put me @ like 340 grams of protein a day, I think.
Another question I had was about frequency of meals. Should I eat ever 3 or 4 hours? Does my age and metabolism have any effect on how often to eat?

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I’m gonna say something here and people may disagree but I ballooned upwards over 325 lbs when my test crashed and I did everything right and that shit would literally not go anywhere which made it worse and it was fat my skin stretched everywhere still got loose skin I know financial reasons always effect things but if your test is really low ( mine was 125 or less had one test came back as 25 ) your working uphill and your body is fighting against you you said trt has it been checked since you stopped how long where you on trt when they finally figured out my issue it was still not easy still gotta workout do cardio eat right. But at least I was making progress which fueled me to make more I just don’t think you can gain a lot of ground with really low test levels even if your exercise and diet are perfect. I don’t think they have to be high either just normal


Thats the reason I was looking for a ballpark on your bf% because it can really help figure everything out you do have the basic plan down and it will work its just going to take awhile to get down to your goal weight. I myself was 260lb and I was just fat it took about a year to lose the weight and then I started to run gear. I wish you didn’t have to cut off your trt because that’s going to set you back brother.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will reach were your going.

Been on trt since 2001😵. Back when Androgel and androderm we’re what docs where giving out.
More recently test c @ 200 mg a week in 2 injections and .25 mgs of anastrozle the day after injections and I was golden. I was still overweight but I was headed down at good clip. Bloods were on point too.
I was wanting to get in on that last oral bogo but some shit happen and I kinda thought I should weight to get my bf% down some. Anavar does fucking amazing things to me and I was gonna stock up but didn’t pull the trigger at the last second…
I think I’m still gonna wait till a liquid sales jumps off and get my diet real solid and then just bite the bullet and spend the money. I don’t know man, what do you think?

I think you should at least be on your TRT dose if possible if money is issue get it here not doctors lots cheaper that’s what I do I been trt for over 10 years and I have tried to pct even properly and that shit ain’t coming back maybe 300 if I’m lucky I know people say don’t take steroids if your fat but there assuming your test levels are ok or at least work
I will argue that till I’m dead cause I went through it
Murph is right too don’t let go keep doing what your doing cause it can get worse there is no bottom your doing the right stuff I bet just having normal test. Levels and you would take off like a rocket

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@Thundercock well first off great to see you making the commitment to a better internal health. Based off your stats I built a steady diet for cutting fat in the off season before show prep. But made it alot more afforable and easier for a starter.

Meal 1- 1 packet of reduced sugar oatmeal, 8oz of egg whites mixed in 6oz of almond milk, splenda and vanilla.

Meal 2- 2tlbs of peanutbutter, 30grams of whey isolate.

Meal 3- 6oz of chicken, 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of any mixed veggie

Meal 4- repeat meal 2

Meal 5- 6oz of chicken or white fish, 1.5 vups of mixed veggies

Meal 6- 8oz of egg whites prior to bed you may also use the drink formula above.

Best as always, but we will start by slowly puling carbs after 2pm and regualting sugar consumption. I am here if you have any questions along with many great members.


@Optumpharma question why a whey iso isn’t that just post workout?

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@BigSwole69 great question. He needs fast hits of protein and a blend or concentrate will sit to long for digestion. Isolate is light and disgusted in under 90mins

The key with the above is constant light feeding while peaking the metabolism and supressing insulin spikes.


I appreciate it brothers! Thanks for giving a shit!
Love this fucking board!


We love you! Lol


I can tell
Feelin the love

Meal 4 says to repeat meal 4 . Did you mean meal 3?
Also the egg whites with almond milk in the morning am I drinking that o cooking?

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I revised. Yes that’s easier to get down. Might i also add to use carton egg whites. They are pasturized.


Carton egg whites and then chug that shit…
Got it!
Appreciate it man…


More than welcome. Please update us as you progress. You will need to modify diet as we go.

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