Fatty Liver Disease and Relation to Alcohol and Red Meat!

Fatty Liver Disease and Relation to Alcohol and Red Meat!

*Fatty Liver Disease,

Do you eat a lot of carbs? Do you eat a lot of protein? You may be setting yourself up for fatty liver disease!
So you ask, “what is fatty Liver disease”?
Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease is a condition caused by fat deposits in the liver. This can result in inflammation in the liver and fibrosis and can lead to cirrhosis _ late stage scarring of the liver!


Does drinking to much alcohol cause fatty liver disease? Or is it caused by diet?
If you eat too many carbohydrates and proteins, they can be converted to triglycerides. These are stored in the fat cells, and can be deposited in the liver. Insulin resistance can lead to increased triglycerides and increased uptake of fatty acids in the liver, causing further accumulation of liver triglycerides.

Most people who have it do not realize they have the condition. You are prone to fatigue, and issues with your lower stomach. It is commonly diagnosed by elevated enzymes in blood test, or an ultra sound.Fatty liver disease is associated with obesity, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes and lipid abnormalities.
Can you treat fatty liver disease by yourself?
You should only be able to control this by yourself, hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes do play a part in this , but you could possibly control it by using thing such as : Vitamin E!

So lets get back to the real issue… does drinking alcohol lead to a fatty liver? In many cases it does not play a role!
Here is why… Non alcoholic fatty liver is the initial stage fo liver disease. It mostly goes undiagnosed , and overtime “NAFL” does unfortunately lead to more serious issues like fibrosis , scart tissue.
The bottom line with this is fattty liver occurs when to much fat builds up in the liver, fatty liver is reversible at an early stage but it can and most likely will progress into an advanced form of liver disease.
Some other forms or factors that could cause fatty liver or developing fatty liver: Obesity, Excess belly fat, Insulin Resistance, High Intake of refined Carbs, Sugary beverage consumption, Impaired gut health!

Also gentleman please keep reading…
Meat and fat intake could be associated with Chronic Liver Disease and or hepatocellular carcinoma.
Red Meat and saturated fat intake were associated with increased rick of chronic Liver Disease and hepatocellular carcinoma, whereas white meat intake was associated with less than average risks of both diseseases. Meat processing and its heme iron, nitrate contents were associated with CLD but not with cancer.
As I have stated in other posts red meat at a maximum consumption does have the probability to cause cirrhosis that is not contributed to the consumption of alcohol.
There are many other factors that could change or contribute to the results of any liver functions that I have listed above. One of the biggest factors that change many and most of the actual results of liver funtcion is Hepatitis!

Tips to consider with liver disease:
:black_small_square: Only eat on special occasions
:black_small_square: Purchase only lean meat
:black_small_square: Cook meat exactly how you like it
:black_small_square: Mix ground turkey with your ground beef, It will have the familiar texture, and flavor without the fat or ammonia producing ingreditents
:black_small_square: experiment with plant proteins mixed with beef products!

Just like what I have been doing and you can take it as you may, I started off with my training protocol with no seasonings and no other ingredients. It was literally just the main ingredient and nothing else! As my taste buds started acquiring tastes for what I was eating I started adding flavors! I am slowly adding my diet into the rest of my family normal dinners or meals, as I see fit. While my wife and children see me eating healthy and incorporating this daily diet into my life they are getting interested and involved and following suit!

Since I am on the topic of Liver Disease
Lets look at liver cancer

Liver damage from anabolic steroids can cause a condition called cholestasis. With this condition, bile, a digestive fluid made in your liver, cannot get to where it needs to go and leaks out into your blood.
Damage to the liver is evident when enzymes called aminotransferases leak out of damaged liver cells into your bloodstream.
High blood pressure
increase levels of bad cholesterol

I hope that I have been of some assitance with helping your liver! As we all know taking AAS can greatly affect your body and the organs in it! We all want to live a better and more healthy life and lifestyle, so please be careful in your choices of what you do and as you see what you eat! I will be following closely as to what high proteins can do to your liver alone without any extra supplements. Any and all comments are highly appreciated and accepted. Thank you gentleman for reading what I have put together for you and I welcome with open arms any and all disputes so much as they follow all rules governed by UGM.


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