Favorite Bodypart to Train

Favorite Bodypart to Train

What is everyone’s favorite bodypart to train?

My favorites are quads and back. I used to hate training legs, but the feeling of putting the hammer down and hobbling out of the gym is simply euphoric. Love it!

What do you all just love to smash?


Legs here as well.


Love kill my back :muscle:


What are you talking about? Everyday is arm day… :muscle:


I used to F’ing loathe leg day, but it’s become one of my top to feel good about most of the time when wife and I leave gym.

I also love the fatigue and pump I get on shoulder day for some odd reason.

In all honesty, there really isn’t a muscle group I despise much anymore. Good days and bad days with everything :upside_down_face:

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Haha taking it back to highschool. Chest and arms every day :slight_smile:


I dread leg days, but after I force myself through it, it’s the best feeling in the world.

But you can’t beat the pump from a solid shoulder/tricep/upper chest workout.


What do I like to smash?
Typically my wife, but sometimes I go in the basement and uhh “smash a workout”


Chest and back.

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I love triceps and chest!!! Really enjoy locking my triceps up after a hard workout.

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back and biceps are my favorite

Same…and still is

I have recently really like doing tricepts.

Fingers!!! I do hundres of reps daily!

Texting :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So now those are fittest and vainiest members :joy:

Man I love the feeling of them locking up!!

Haha I will drink to that!

Fingers vainiest over the actual member? Pics! haha

Chest and shoulders…but my rotator cup has been aching so working around it is now the challenge. Glucosamine seems to some how work atm.


LOVE beating the shit out of my shoulders/traps. Probably because they respond so well.
I’m prob the only guy has a dedicated shoulder/traps day. LOL

4 sets of shrugs
4 sets of overhead presses
4 sets of Scott’s Presses
4 sets of lateral raises
4 sets of rear flyes
4 sets of incline front raises

I change the order of sets regularly.
Hurts soooo good!

Nobody asks: “Do you even lift?”

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Try some light face pulls every pressing day (15-20 reps with lower load 55% 1RM) and focus on shoulder mobility. If you are consistent, your rotator cuff should start to relieve from pressure allowing it to heal.

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