Female goes from fit to fat. Now pushing for others to do the same

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Interesting read.

“Body builder to body lover. This isn’t your typical transformation photo,” Jones wrote on her personal account. “I went from being controlled by my grueling gym regimen and weighing chicken and having protein shakes in my purse to fully enjoying a social life. Some people might say this is ‘letting yourself go.’”

Obviously the lifestyle isnt for everyone. To each their own but what I dont agree with is this being used as a way to tell others they shouldnt lift and would happier without dieting. Thoughts?

To love our bodies is a never-ending battle for the majority of women. Those of us in the BB lifestyle are no different. Are we really ever satisfied? I know I’m not. If I were to give this up would I feel justified to basically tell people not to lift and they would be happier to not diet? Heck no. So what if SHE is happier as she is now. Noone forced her to be fit and noone is forcing her to be unfit.
The truth is that some are happy with a few extra pounds. I see beauty, sexuality and sexiness in women of all shapes and sizes. We in this lifestyle make a conscious decision to do it, just as those who choose NOT to.

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I personally like to keep my bf a little higher than most. I really want to get my abs back so im working on cutting but i
hate cardio and being deficient.
I enjoy working on and putting down r300-400g of protien carbs at 150-200 I like to keep fars around 80

@Bigmurph we got to get your food up bro. My carbs are over 600g a day protein around 300g over 4000 calories. I’m still losing weight and holding 225 at moment. Trying to grow more. Deff getting leaner and loving it

@calmb4dastorm so true girl. If that’s what floats her boat then by all means do it. But you don’t have to tell others they need to do it. People are so weird. Welcome to the new world of social media

I can’t do it once I start raising my carbs I blow up like a balloon im not sure why. I had another pro recently say the same thing to me I just will get fat from it.
If I take in those sized macros not on cycle I would be a blimp. This is my cutting routine im trying to lean out as much as possible. I have days where I carb load to reset my body and get some energy but thats about it.

O blood type? @Bigmurph

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O blood type is usually very active and should be able to eat more. If I remember correctly

Yeah but they don’t respond well to carbs. I’m O type.

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Mmm maybe. I get them all mixed up. Hell im A+ says I shld be vegan :joy::joy::joy:that’s not happening "lol

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Me I don’t know to be honest I will ask my doc on the 16th. I’ve never even thought about it.

It definitely could be o blood type because I can eat and I mean alot but I can’t eat carbs in high amounts.
Protien I eat 2lbs of salmon and a lb of broccoli for dinner just now and im starving still

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