Female : Holding too much water and fat in legs despite diet and training 2-3X a week

Female : Holding too much water and fat in legs despite diet and training 2-3X a week

Hi! So I would consider myself still a “newbie”. I have been weight training consistently for the past 3 years and competed in 2 figure shows back in 2017. I lift heavy and average 30 min of a cardio a day (Stairmaster level 10-14).

I put on muscle so easily and my upper body changes quickly, but I am struggling with my legs. I retain so much water and fat, and have been hitting legs 2x-3X a week hard for the past year and still have noticeable cellulite in my quads right above my knee cap.

My diet is low carb…I average about 120-150 grams of protein a day ( I am 5’7 and 160). I am under 120 grams of carbs a day, under 30 grams of fat. I usually have one day “Saturdays” where I don’t track what I eat.

My goal is to reshape and gain definition, and if 10lbs comes off cool. I started taking 25 grams of var a day mixed with 25 ml of tamoxifen…It has been 2 weeks and I have gained 8lbs and body fat% increased 1.4%, and I have been doing 30 min fasted cardio every morning, with weight lifting at night, and diet has been that 120-150 grams of protein, under 120 grams of carbs, and under 30 grams of fat, probably looking at 1,700 calories a day.

I am beyond frustrated and would love any advice on

  1. Supplementation (var, tamoxifen, clen)
  2. Water and fat retention in legs
  3. and basically any other advice or guidance.

Welcome to UGM! I would check my var, it sounds like possibly you could have been given a different compound! Var is one of the most counterfeited products, I would also have labs done just to be safe, I’m sure you definitely know how harmful some compounds can be to female competitors, but I totally get your frustration and agree something is out whack!


Welcome to UGM ! It’s a pleasure to have you here if you have any questions just hit me up :v: As for tough areas that cellulite occurs I had a friend use Botox in the areas she was having troubles with before a photoshoot and from what I’ve seen it helped greatly.

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Thank you! And yea I bet I do have something counterfeit because I took var with one of my preps and only needed to take 10mg a day…and now I have been at 25 mg…

Do you have any recommendations on a female cut stack? I don’t want anything drastic like you would for a prep, because I want to the results to be able to be sustained and maintained


I would like to welcome you to ugmuscle glad to have you around.

From what I read it seems that you want to cut down in your legs. I know that alot of people reccomend var from the beginning but anavar is a hormone and it does have an effect on fat its tied into the whole cycle though of diet and training.
In a female this might act differently because even from man to man its a different outcome.
Your diet and training looks good I would go with something like an eca stack especially with fasted cardio it always helps me out I don’t recommend clen but if you have experience with it that would be an option.
Something else im not sure of is that the anavar is really what it is supposed to be I definitely recommend testing especially when a female is using hormones.

I believe that your diet and cardio will eventually work especially if you are using something like eca stack or clen. I don’t believe that with the goals that you have anavar should be used especially at 25mg. I believe that the dose for a female on anavar is 5mg 2x a day or 10mg 2x a day. I still believe your best bet is diet and training with possibly a little supplementation.
I don’t believe that the anavar is necessary unless you are trying to put on more muscle and lose fat but both come with time. I would say drop the var hold on to it and research more about how it effects females there’s some reading here that can help if you search with the magnifying glass. I would also research out to other platforms because there just isn’t enough research on anavar use in females.
If you have any specific questions please just let me know im happy to help. I hope that I answered the 3 that you posted.

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I am sorry for sounding “dumb” but what is an ECA stack? and what is the difference between that and clen?

I apologize your not dumb I was just typing quickly.
Ephedrine hcl 12.5-50mg
Caffeine 200mg
Asprin 81mg
You can get the ephedrine hcl at the pharmacy its called primatine its one that they keep behind the counter. I like this better than clen because I have some blood pressure issues and this doesn’t push my blood pressure as much as clenbuterol. I can’t even take clenbuterol.
It helps burn fat you still need to cycle it just like clen I like 21 days on then 21 days off.

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First. Welcome aboard! There are a few trainers on here that can help with diet, supplements and workout @PHD @Raphael3636 are just a couple. You can chat with them to see what you want or need to do. Both are great sources of information. Plus @Bigmurph comments are also spot on. Hope we can help in some way! (My gut tells me this is Dbol. Not Var. But that’s a pure guess without testing obviously) :grin:



@Bigmurph…can I take Bronkaid as part of the ECA?

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Thank you! All of you guys help have been amazing!

Bronkaid actually has ephedrine sulfate which doesn’t work in my opinion ive only gotten results from the ephedrine hcl which you can get the generic as long as it’s hcl not sulfate

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Sorry I was late getting back to the party lol! My advice would mirror @Bigmurphs! Cardio and a good ECA! I don’t particularly like stimulants, but they can be effective. There seems to be a lot of bad var going around, we have some really great sponsors here that have a hard time with it recently.


I lost over a 100 pounds about 6-7 years ago, for men, it’s the abdominal area where it’s last to go, women it tends to be hips/legs. Even with macros I’d see where your calorie intake is at, as those last few pounds are the hardest. The only cardio that got me there was HITT cardio for that last bit.
Drank green tea constantly to up my metabolism.

I did 16 or 20 min HITT, 1min as hard as I could and 30 sec rest. First 2 min and last 2 min were warm-up/cool down.

And I never deviated from my diet during that time, as the last 15 pounds seemed to take forever to come off.

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I said this in an earlier statement and was told that I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about just to let it be known so that no one can say I didn’t warn the community.


You should be concerned and a little ashamed that we think alike so often :smile: :smiley:


You are a smart man my friend


Welcome aboard

Hi there, I am new here and have a similar issue with weight and water retention. I’ll be following this post :smile:

I stopped Var and will start the ECA Stack.

Can this ECA stack be used with low blood pressure… ? I looked for primatine but found Primatene, is this it… and it’s for asthma right? Don’t want to get the wrong stuff :laughing:

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