Finding a reliable source and qualities of

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what i look for in a source reviews. , a quick google search will provide
2.activity. , a source must be active on a forum , meaning. he is active on his page he interacts with the community ,
3. respect , this kind of goes hand in hand with activity. , but its important how a source conducts his self. answers question. if to cocky. i dont care how good the product i will not use …
4 eta , i look at the eta time and with that i mean if he has a 3 to 7 days window for delivery. i hold him to it. , i make sure hes meeting his time line , also i need to take into account , if hes running a big promo he may be behind and also , holidays may slow down delivery. …
also if a source is international. i generaly allow 30 days. , .anything less is a gift. …

what qualites my friends do you look for. , ??


Doesn’t cut corners and cheap out in any part of the process, doesn’t have the worlds largest laundry list of every product possible - I mean let’s be real here, won’t take orders/pmt for supplies they don’t have, ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST in every aspect of the operation. Just to name a couple.

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Im big on a proven track record of experience, quality, and service. The reviews are definitely important but I recently ordered gear and it sucked I used 3 different products over 2 cycles and it was all trash compared to my normal goto.
I learned my lesson there. I definitely agree that how a src conducts his buissiness is also important.
To be honest ta isn’t a big deal for me I have always tried to be way ahead while im running one cycle im planning and ordering the next if its not already in the stash. I do agree that over 10 days domestic is to long unless other circumstances exist. International just sit back and wait over 30 days put in a ticket and wait on a reship.

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Makes me think of all the ones that fell… I like to try new places especially on products that by nature don’t seem to be consistent like inject winny aques VS oil. I’d like to think the oil winny is 100mg. I look at reviews from board members with a lot of other post and training posts, other than just AAS. Response for sure. There was one at eroids that was top notch w/ 29ml. But I could never order again because I’d get emails of upcoming promo but no response after. Reviews on TA got bad. I also look sometimes for a picture of the members physique that reviews or the type of review. A lot of people use side effects as a gauge of if something is good. I’m knocking on wood, almost felt " Tren cough" once but never had that, acne, insomnia, gyno, I probably have prostate of 4 lbs and my liver is viewable when I’m ripped but I’m a veteran😉 really though, I’m kidding. I think there’s a couple guys on here that really I would trust their opinion, they can look at things from both sides. I don’t care if a SRC pays or whatever, 1000 reviews can’t be wrong and the idiots get it in the end. In the end, the last 5 years maybe a little more have been great. I hate going local which sounds crazy but I have found no selection, jelousy, high price. I also don’t need everyone to know everything. I just laugh because like I’ve said before 25 be years ago or until the laws changed, you could go to a Dr, but the USA still didn’t have a bunch , then Mexico , Poland, Russia , it was ok. After though, it was fake fake fake. Guys would draw out gear and fill it with oil or just test. There was bolasterone inject, which was a few things mixed together like water and oil. 50mg EQ which you had to do 2 a day. I love to reminence, because it was a funny thing. We still never got absesses or anything bad. I think I need to open a over 45 thread. Training, eating, supps.

:)) i put the smilelys murph not because you got shit gear. …but you are like me. , i will make a order from source , fts is exceptional , now im ready for uk gear. , (as i prmoised. , and i know i just promised another source he is third. …this is why i love shorts. …im just. about ready for uk. so shine up then tren A , bottles , and PROP, sig is coming to dinner …:)) and like i said. FTS. is top notch all around. thankyou my friend. …a few weeks cruise and uk. you will be hearing from me. …
i took many many beats on my last x site. , i felt it was my responsability , i had the money. , so a few hundered , wouldnt hurt me as much as a gentelman or ladie saving for months. for a run. ,but. i nailed a few. all the way from communication. , no responce. , over ETA. , then products come short , and the ones that came garbage. …and i was TOP MOD !!!

Im going to use ukg myself
Im interested in the Trestolone Acetate and the 1testcyp from Solberg.
I’ve wanted to use Trestolone for a long time but never saw a src that carried it i would have trusted. Ukg im going to try that Trestolone if not that im going to grab 2 20ml dhb cypionate vials

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i got some. , i started a run and stopped , i didnt like it al all. , i was on like 3 weeks. and dropped i realky didnt feel it. ,maybe im nust so use to the tren. , i love tren A…
actualy , i need to get these extras to my boy shit. , tomorrow i promise.

for the record i barley ran tren. , the is a very very good log on it …its sempfis cycle log. he absoloultly loved it. and he out together a a+ cycle log with it so if you can gain access to that log. …i feel its veey important. …i was inpressed. , but ment just wasnt for me. and i started out on the 25mg ed then upped to 35 ed. and then 50. yet. , i had nonresults , and i know it wasnt the product i used the same exact product semp did. …
i was barley running test on it. if i remember right. any questions murph hit me up.

I’m the same boat, but if either can help with gear up(?) No can find list, tried email. I’m not a mod but I really like trying different things. I like Omni so far, but I decided to do all the orals and they are nasty but I feel a good pump and the normal recomp coming on. I want to do the same , prominate from naps and wait then uk,iron junkie ,and gear up. Then Jan I hope to do a log with pics all the way to masters nats or north Americans, then I’m thinking nabba USA and get to compete in universe, nice vacation. Most years the top wabba guys could compete with top national guys here.

I think that you are talking about geared up strength?

He is still a verified src he asked me to take down his page though. You can reach him through his email if needed

I would love to see a log following your progress from prep to recomp to stage

I posted a everyday pic, but now til January will be staying at 240 instead of almost 250 and be about 8% . I’m going to try to get hydro at the University. Nutrashop out here has a cool machine that is accurate, but even calipers are close for me if my friend does it. I only care at the start and right after a show. Just for shits and giggles. But I could almost tell when I’m at 7 or 8 by these couple veins that pop in my abs. Anyway, I finally can have fun and get pics , videos. I never got anything but what was in a magazine article because I was " just warming up" then blew patellar tendon, before that both triceps ruptured, visceral hernia, every time after I was coming back, I’d get hurt. Lonnie tepper did a little write-up one year on how I couldn’t keep from injury. I wanna have some fun and then stay little, I mean ripped…like Lee Appearson or ohearn. The only thing I’m noticing is veins , like in my calves little one in my delt look varicose for lack of better term. I call them those" dillet veins".

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