First Cycle Log | Test E 300mg/week | Advice Welcome

Firstly, thanks for clicking and having me around. I plan to start my first cycle and log it here as I go, discuss experiences, measurements, etc. I hope I as well as others can learn from this along the way.

I am 23 years old, 5’10.5", 175 lbs (fasted), roughly 13% body fat. I’ve been lifting for 2.5 years natural and have loved every minute of it. I have decided with plenty of research, I am going to go on my first cycle.

Below I have written out my current stats as a starting point.
[42.5" Chest | 15.5" Arms | 23" Legs | 15.2" Calves | 29" Waist]

I currently workout 5-6 days a week [Chest, Back, Legs, Arms] split, and am going to start implementing some steady state cardio into the mix. I have written out a diet that I am following if anyone would like to see it, I can gladly type it out or post it for reference.

Furthermore, for my first cycle I plan on running 300 mg of test E a week for 12 weeks.
I currently have bloods if anyone is interested in seeing them. Feel free to comment or ask anything, I look forward to sharing this experience with everyone and learning along the way. Cheers.


Do you have a goal in mind for your first cycle?

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Welcome brother. Stick around this is a good place

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I appreciate it man, I plan on sticking around for a while.
I look forward to hearing from y’all & getting feedback, as well as try & help provide insight on things I am knowledgeable over.

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I should probably include that in my original post, I’ll make sure I edit it.

To answer the question now though, my goal is to put on some lean muscle and potential lose a little bit of fat along the way (however fat loss is not my goal during this cycle.) I’m going to start about 2500 calories & see how my body takes it.

Ideally if I could stay around 12-15% body fat and hit around 185-190 I think I would be pretty happy. I know a lot of people see 300mg a low dose, but for my first time being exposed to test, I think it will be best to start low & go up next time.

How much do you weigh now? How many cals are you taking in daily now?

I’ll be the first to say it… 23 is young to cycle. Your natural test should still be high… potentially comparable to levels on 300 a week?

What is your test level now per labs?

Glad to have you here.


I posted it in the OP, currently weigh in at 173-175 lbs first thing in the morning.
Taking in roughly 2200-2300 calories a day but plan on going to 2500 once I start.

I understand 23 is seen as pretty young, but I also don’t want to wait until my test is so low that 300 will do very little as opposed to what 300 would do now for me.

Labs [ Test - 708 Ng/dl | Free Test - 127 Pg/mL ]

I believe you are undercutting your possible gains by only consuming 2500 cals. I personally think it will be difficult to gain 10-15lbs on only 2500 cals.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


Appreciate the advice, I am only going up to 2500 for 2-3 weeks and then to 2700. The reasoning behind this is to slow add in the calories & try and let myself adjust to it as opposed to just jumping 500+ calories in one day if that makes sense.

Open to what you suggest or would change though.

On the comment of not wanting to wait until your natural test is too low where 300 doesn’t work as well, that’s not how it works at all. Any exogenous Test is going to shut down your natural production, no matter your natural levels.

I would suggest researching some more, maybe ask some more questions before jumping in. I agree with @NeuroRN that 23 is young. 25 is a general minimum, but you’re going to do what you’re going to do so I’d rather you’d do it as safe as possible


Agreed. I think the most common mistake we all made/make as new guys starting with gear is that we assume we will respond to “xyz” because this is what it’s supposed to do… and this is what it does for everyone else.

In the case of a 23 year old… what happens IF your body doesn’t PCT well? What happens if you never recover your natural test production? Are you willing and able to financially commit to trt at 23? Do you have the time freedom?

I know this is a drastic… but it’s the truth. I encourage you to weigh the outcomes of things going wrong.

In the end, you’re going to do what you want. We want you to do it as safely and responsibly as possible.


Well said


Here’s an excerpt from a article about cycling before 25. All is stuff to keep in mind that @NeuroRN was touching on


I’ve been trying to respond since your original comment but all of my comments are being held for review. Apologies, I am listening.

I completely respect that and appreciate you looking out for my safety. This is also why I’m not doing what every person thinks is the “best” first cycle of 500 mg/week or adding in orals. Which is why I am only sticking to 300 mg/week.

IF my body does not respond well, or my natural test does not bounce back then I am prepared to do what I need to do to keep a sense of well being.

I have gotten blood work and will continue to get blood work during and after this cycle. I am also going to take progress photos & IF something feels off to make sure I come back here and record it.

I understand shutting down of your natural testosterone. What I’m saying is-

Me taking 300 mg per week while having 708 ng/dl test is just putting me at the high end almost tip of the elite natural testosterone. 300 mg/week is a low dose, but it will give me time to see how I react to the compound.

My testosterone is going to be high in my 20’s regardless of injecting more into my body. The idea is to use that, and inject very little to stimulate growth. I’m not adding in any orals or any other compounds to this cycle, purely test e.

But I am also here to learn from what people have to say, so I’m always all ears to suggestions. However, I think the argument wait until you are 25 when someone is 23 almost 24 will make little to no difference as long as the training and diet is solid.

I think your getting some things mixed up. 300mg of test is not it addition to your natural test levels. Your natural test gets shut down, and your test levels are based only on exogenous. And 300 will put you well above anything natural.

I think you think you’ll have your 700ng/dl in addition to 300mg of Test will put you at 1000ng/dl. It does not work like that at all. 300mg does not equal an increase of 300ng/dl


I’m not trying to bash you or bring you down by any means. I just want to make sure you have the right info in front of you. I’m all for helping you out with whatever decision you make brotha :+1:


I suppose I should have worded it better, apologies for that. You summed it up a lot cleaner to read and understand. You basically said what I was trying to say. I understand how it goes together.

I know where you are coming from with the “25 years old” thing and being fully developed. At the same time I do take this serious, and am committed to my training routine and diet. I hope that I did not come off as arrogant whatsoever.

I look forward to sharing my experience and hearing what you along with @NeuroRN have to say as I go through this journey.

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300mg ballpark guess gets you 1500 test levels

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